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Business School of Nankai University is looking for global talents

Organization: Business School, Nankai University, PR China

Position Title: Assistant / Associate / Full Professor, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Postdoctoral Fellow

Teaching / Research Preferences:
Business management, Accounting, Corporate Finance, Strategy Management, Project Management and Technology Economy, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Corporate Governance, Data Science, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Information management and information system, E-commerce, Iustrial Engineering, Information Resource Management and related research fields.

Nankai Business School:

On October 17, 1919, with the spring breeze of the May 4th Movement, Nankai University was officially established. Mr. Zhang Boling, the first president of Nankai University, put forward the school concept of “governing the country by culture, strengthening the country by science, and enriching the country by business”, which blazed a trail in modern business education in China. Over the past hundred years, Nankai business scholars has always focused on the academic frontier and major social needs, and responded to vital-real problems with profound theories. It has one national key discipline, one national key research base, one national social science innovation base and one key research base of Humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of education, as the front position of research fields like management, entrepreneurship and corporate governance across the whole country.

In 1998, Nankai Business Review, the first management academic journal was sponsored by Business School of Chinese Universities, was founded. In 2007, the first-level discipline of Business Administration ranked the third in China Discipline Ranking. Business School of Nankai University has earned AMBA Accreditation in 2013, Chinese Advanced Management Education Accreditation (CAMEA) in 2014 and AACSB Accreditation in 2016. In 2017, the first-level discipline of Business Administration ranked A-level in the fourth round of China Discipline Ranking.


(1) Nankai University provides strong and long-term support for faculty members by offering competitive remuneration package and special support in salary and benefits, start-up funding, housing support, etc. The employees will sign a personalized contract with the University. At the same time, the University has special talent programs such as “100 Young Talent Scholar Program” to attract scholars with strong research records or potential. Candidates selected in such programs enjoy additional benefits such as higher salary and research fund. Meanwhile the University provides turnover houses, a high-quality kindergarten (inside the school), an affiliated primary school (well-known primary schools in Tianjin), an affiliated middle school (Municipal key secondary school), an affiliated hospital and other facilities, striving to create a development environment where talents can focus on their research.

(2) Tianjin issued the Action Plan of “HAIHE talents” in 2018, which provided special support to top talents including Nobel laureates and academicians who are in charge of national R & D platforms and major innovation projects in the way of “one person, one policy”. The Action Plan announced to provide two million yuan bonus fund and ten million yuan research funding for the introduction of full-time to top talents. The Action Plan provided other talents with support in terms of award, research funding, communicative platform and children’s education in accordance with corresponding conditions. For details, please refer to Tianjin talent work website at


(1)Applicants appointed as Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow and Post-doctoral Fellow should register and begin work before August 1, 2020, and special circumstances can be negotiable.

(2)Applicants, with potential for high-quality research and teaching, should have a Ph.D. degree in related areas before August 1, 2020. The appointee should publish in top-tier academic journals and teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

(3)Applicants should send an up-to-date C.V., representative research papers, and relevant teaching evaluation to email: Telephone or WECHAT for consulting is 13652057906. The promising candidates will be qualified for the Business Scholars Forum of Nankai International Talent Forum and interviews with candidates will held at the Forum in Tianjin China from December 4-6, 2019. We will reimburse the forum participants for their accommodation expenses in Tianjin, travel expenses in China, and part of international travel expenses will be included.

(4)Associate Professor / full-time Professor / high-end talent recruitment information is effective all the year round.