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Job Opening: Business School, Nankai University

Job name: Fulltime Faculty

Organization Name: Business School, Nankai University, PR China

Position Title: Postdoctoral Fellow / Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Assistant / Associate / Full Professor

Position Function: Teaching and Research

Teaching / Research Preferences:

Accounting, Corporate Finance, Strategy Management, Project Management and Technology Economy, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Operation Management, Data Science, Information Systems and E-commerce, Information Resource Management.


Founded in 1919Nankai University is committed to the highest international standards of excellence in teaching and research, and has been at the international forefront of academic scholarship for many years. The University has a comprehensive range of study programs and research disciplines spread across 24 faculties. There are more than 26,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students who are recruited globally, and more than 2,000 members of academic and academic-related staff coming from multi-cultural backgrounds, many of whom are internationally renowned.

Nankai Business School has established itself as a pioneer in management education in China and has built an international reputation on its educational programs. Since its founding in 1929, the School has maintained its commitment to building a faculty team known for cutting-edge research and innovative curricula in the area of Management, Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Governance.

Job Category:

1. Post for bringing in talent

(1) Chair Talents


Professor or associate professor of famous overseas universities or scientific research institutions.

(2) Youth Discipline Leader


Under 40 years old, with excellent academic level, innovative ability and development potential.

(3) Professor


Academic leaders under 40 years old who have met the qualifications of professors in Nankai University.

(4) Associate Professor


Academic leaders under 35 years old who have met the qualifications of associate professors in Nankai University.

(5) Lecture Professor


Professional talents who hold professors or equivalent positions in famous overseas universities or scientific research institutions are employed for a period of three years or more and work at Nankai University for at least two months each year or as requirement.

2. Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Pre-appointed Lecturers, Assistant Professors and Special Associate Researchers in the Post-doctoral Mobile Station of Business Administration of Nankai University


Under 35 years old, Ph. D. graduated from famous universities or scientific research institutions in China or abroad.


Nankai University provides strong and long-term support for faculty members by offering competitive remuneration package and special support in salary and benefits, start-up funding, housing support, etc. The employees will sign a personalized contract with the School. Also, the School has special talent programs such as “100 Young Talent Scholar Program” to attract scholars with strong research records or potential. Candidates who are selected in such programs enjoy additional benefits such as higher salary and research fund.

Based on national key research bases, Nankai Business School will be one of the Talent Zones of the university, that is given more flexible and policy support on team building, staff employment, use of funds and etc.

You can also find the new program of “Haihe Talent” issued by Tianjin Province in the year of 2018 via the website in Chinese as follows:


1. Applicants should send CV and relevant materials (see the list) to Mrs. Rong LI (; +86-22-23508791) before 24:00 in March 31th, 2019(Beijing time). Nankai Business School will nominate and invite excellent candidates to participate theTalent Forum of Nankai University, in April, 2019.Materials includes CV(use template); degree certificate and graduation certificate of bachelor, master and doctor; supervisor’s recommendation letter; certificate of title; representative papers.

2. Applications are invited for appointment as Assistant/Associate/Full Professor/ Post-doctoral fellow, to commence on August 1, 2019 or as discussed.

3. Applicants should have a Ph.D. degree in related areas before August 1, 2019, with potential for high-quality research and teaching. The appointee is expected to publish in top-tier academic journals and to teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses.