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Table of Contents Volume 19 – Issue 1

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor 


Achieving Mutual Understanding Without Saying a Word: The Conceptualization of Moqi and a Nomological Network
Xiao-Ping ChenBenjamin M. Cole

Reaching an Optimally Distinctive CSR Strategy: Examining the Antecedents of CSR Scope Conformity and Emphasis Differentiation Among Chinese Publicly Listed Companies
Yanlong ZhangXiaoyu ZhouMarjorie A. Lyles

How and When Does Mandatory CSR Disclosure Affects Firms’ CSR Disclosure Strategy?
Zhe ZhangJing ChenMing Jia

Natural Disasters and Corporate Philanthropy: A Double Movement Perspective
Guoguang WanHeli WangXuesong GengKenneth G. Huang

Dialogue, Debate, and Discussion

Dynamic and Ordinary Capabilities in Industry Transformation: The Case of the Electric Vehicle Industry
Can Huang

A Capabilities Framework for Dynamic Competition: Assessing the Relative Chances of Incumbents, Start-Ups, and Diversifying Entrants
Johann Peter MurmannFabian Vogt

New Industry Paradigms May Overwhelm Dynamic Capabilities: Different Competitive Dynamics Around Tesla and Chinese EV Start-Ups
Hong JiangFeng Lu

Comments on Murmann and Vogt ‘A Capabilities Framework for Dynamic Competition Assessing the Relative Chances of Incumbents, Start-ups, and Diversifying Entrants’
John BlairDavid J. Teece


The Measurement and Communication of Effect Sizes in Management Research
Carl F. FeyTianyou HuAndrew Delios