Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

IACMR Data Privacy Statement (revised in August 2016)


IACMR undertakes to collect your data by means that are fair, legal, and transparent.

If you visit IACMR’s website, your web-browser automatically discloses, and IACMR’s web-server automatically logs, the following information: the date and time, the IP address from which you issue the request, and the type of browser and operating system you use to visit the IACMR website.

IACMR does not deliberately collect personally identifiable information about individuals except when such individuals specifically provide such information on a voluntary basis. For example, such personally identifiable information may be gathered from the registration process for IACMR membership and IACMR conferences and workshops.

IACMR’s websites also set session variables (cookies) to track member logins, but no other cookies are used.

“Cookies” are small text files a web site can use to recognize repeat users, facilitate the user’s ongoing access to and use of the site and allow a site to track usage behavior and compile aggregate data that will allow content improvements and targeted advertising. Cookies are not programs that come onto a user’s system to damage files. Generally, cookies work by assigning a unique number to the user that has no meaning outside the assigning site. If a user does not want information collected through the use of cookies, there is a simple procedure in most browsers that allow the user to deny or accept the cookie feature; however, users should note that cookies may be necessary to provide the user with certain website features.

IACMR does not collect credit card information. All payments are made directly to pay management services such as PayPal (in US dollars) or PayEase (in RMB) except when special arrangements are made with the association, such as when cash or checks are used. In that case, IACMR will erase the sensitive information related to your payment and keep transaction records only for accounting purposes. Records older than five years will be destroyed. IACMR assumes no responsibility for the privacy practices of PayPal or PayEase.


IACMR intends to store and transmit your data in a manner that ensures security against unauthorised access, alteration or deletion. All electronic data is stored securely on a Web server of a professional service provider. Administrative access to the data may be undertaken by IACMR officers and staff only.


IACMR intends to use your data only for the purposes as specified at the time of collection (i.e. primarily to contact members regarding membership status, IACMR’s latest development and conferences/workshops, and other matters relevant to the underlying service and/or the information collected). If IACMR wishes to use the data for any other purposes, this will be subject to your expressed consent.

Paid-up members of IACMR may use the information contained on IACMR’s website and its membership directories for individual networking and communication purposes. No part of the information available on this site can be redistributed, copied or reproduced for commercial or non-personal use. Specifically, IACMR members may not compile lists of IACMR member names and email addresses to be used for product promotion, unwanted/unsolicited communications, mass mailings or spam, nor may they sell compilations of such names and email addresses to others. IACMR reserves the right to monitor the use of the information contained on its websites and can take appropriate remedial action, including, but not limited to, barring access to parts of the site for violations of this policy.

As a matter of principle, IACMR will not sell or otherwise transfer personally identifiable information on individual users to unaffiliated third parties.

In order to keep you informed of the latest published papers of IACMR’s journal: Management and Organization Review (MOR), IACMR does need to disclose name and email address data to the publisher of MOR. In doing so, IACMR requires that the publisher does not disclose this data to others nor use it for any other purposes.

If IACMR is required by law to disclose your data, then it will take reasonable steps to inform you of this disclosure unless it is prohibited from doing so by law.


IACMR intends that it will only retain your data for as long as is consistent with the purpose of the data. When that purpose has expired, the data will be destroyed in such a way that it cannot be recovered. In case your data is stored in logs, backups and audit trails, then this data will be destroyed on a cyclical basis, i.e. as those logs, backups and audit trails are overwritten. Upon request, IACMR will use commercially reasonable efforts to functionally delete a member and his or her personal information from its database; however, it may be impossible to delete a member’s entry without some residual information because of backups, records of deletions and accounting requirements. Furthermore, by requesting such data removal, the member may not be able to receive or obtain services from the IACMR, including the information about IACMR activities and its journal MOR.


IACMR provides members with the facility to review and update their data at no cost. Members are also free to opt out of the membership directory at any time. Please contact the IACMR membership service ( if you wish to review or update your data, or to remove your name from the membership directory.

The foregoing policies are effective as of August 2016. IACMR reserves the right to change this policy at any time by notifying users of the existence of a new privacy statement.

Important Note:

This statement and the policies outlined herein are not intended to and do not create any contractual or other legal rights in or on behalf of any party.

Contact Us: You can contact IACMR’s membership service ( if you have any questions or comments.