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Job Ad Post Policy

IACMR Online Job Posting Policy

Package * Posting Location:Careers Email Circulation in Bimonthly Briefing Notification in IACMR WeChat Max. No. of Openings Cost (US$) Cost(RMB)
Package A v v v 2 240 1500
Package B v v v 3 320 2000
Package C v v v 4 400 2500
Package D v v v 6 480 3000

* Notes:

Posting Location: Your 90-day job posting will stay at the top of the Careers webpage . Your job openings and brand will be one of the first seen by jobseekers for 90 days!

Payment information:

USD Account:

Bank name: Bank of America
Account name: International Association for Chinese Management Research
Swift code: BOFAUS3N
Routing number: 026009593
Account number (checking account): 5180 0167 7979


Please send email to for job posting.