IACMR Biennial Conference 2025

IACMR Biennial Conference 2025

Qujiang International Convention Center

U.S. Eastern Standard Time

  • Submission System Open:
    September 15, 2024
  • Paper Submission Deadline
    October 25, 2024
  • PDW Submission Deadline: 
    November 16, 2024
  • Registration Open:
    March, 2025
  • IACMR 2025: 
    June 11-15, 2025

The 11th Biennial Conference of the International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR) will be held in Xi’an, China, from June 11-15, 2025. We warmly invite scholars in the field of management who are engaged in China-related research to actively submit conference papers. The field of management mainly covers the following areas: organizational behavior, human resource management, strategic management, organizational theory, international management, innovation and entrepreneurship, employment relations, social issues related to enterprises, business ethics, and management education. China-related research refers to research related to Chinese or Chinese organizations, including research on Chinese organizations operating globally and research comparing Chinese and non-Chinese organizations. It can also be research based on a Chinese theoretical perspective.

We value all high-quality Chinese management research that addresses important questions and reports interesting findings. We accept both conceptual and empirical papers and welcome various methodologies, including survey research, archival data analysis, experimental studies, simulations, case studies, and other creative methods.

The theme of this conference is “Empowering Sustainable Growth in a Digital Age.” This conference will serve as a significant platform for promoting Chinese management research and practice, initiating new discussions and reflections on sustainable growth in the digital era. In today’s digital age, the rapid development of digital transformation and related technologies has brought many challenges and opportunities to enterprises. Scholars in management and the business community need to delve deeper into how to leverage technologies like big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things to drive sustainable growth in economic, environmental, and social aspects for enterprises. This theme is crucial for scholars as it requires a profound understanding of how digital technologies affect business models, organizational structures, personnel management, and market competitiveness. Researching the impact of digital transformation on the sustainable development of enterprises can offer us a clear perspective, aiding in the development of effective management strategies and methods, thus fostering long-term sustainable growth for companies. For enterprises, reasonable utilization of digital technologies can efficiently manage resources, enhance production efficiency, improve product and service quality, and thereby achieve economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

Conference Organizing Committee

Program Chair:
David Zhu, Arizona State University

IACMR Founding President:
Anne S. Tsui, Arizona State University/ Peking University

IACMR Past President:
Zhi-Xue Zhang, Peking University

IACMR President:
Runtian Jing, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

IACMR President-Elect:
Wei Shen, Arizona State University

2025 Program Co-chair, Local Arrangement Committee Chair:
Ming Jia, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Macro Track Co-Chair (English Program):
Kenneth Huang, National University of Singapore

Macro Track Co-Chair (English Program):
Wei Shi, University of Miami

Micro Track Co-Chair (English Program):
Jasmine Hu, Tsinghua University

Micro Track Co-Chair (English Program):
Xin Qin, Sun Yat-sen University

Macro Track Co-Chair (Chinese Program):
Shihua Chen, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics

Macro Track Co-Chair (Chinese Program):
Weiguo Zhong, Peking University

Micro Track Co-Chair (Chinese Program):
Wei He, Nanjing University

Micro Track Co-Chairs (Chinese Program):
Kaifeng Jiang, Peking University

PDW Program Chair:
Eric Zhao, Oxford University

IACMR Executive Director:
Wei Zhang, IACMR

Contact Us

Program Chair: David Zhu (david.zhu@asu.edu)
IACMR Office: Wei Zhang (iacmrbj@pku.edu.cn); Jennifer Zhao (iacmrmembership@pku.edu.cn)
Sponsorship opportunities: Ming Jia (jiaming@nwpu.edu.cn)
General information about the IACMR may be found at IACMR website.