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The International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR) is an academic organization that serves scholars, students, managers, and consultants who are interested in advancing their knowledge about organizational management in the Chinese context. The primary goal of the association is to promote organization and management research in such a context. Since then, the Association has experienced rapid growth with the support of our members and sponsors. In our membership management system, we have now over 14,000 registered contacts from almost 100 countries. IACMR has been recognized as an authoritative, world-class academic research organization in the area of Chinese management.

Mission/ Vision

IACMR is a premier scholarly association dedicated to the creation and dissemination of management knowledge with a focus on China. IACMR’s mission is to advance the science, education and practice of Chinese management. We aspire to be a professional organization of choice by management scholars, students, consultants, and practicing managers in and outside of China due to its emphasis on ethics, rigor, relevance, and impact.

IACMR Objectives

  • To encourage wider acceptance and active idea exchanges among those interested in the science, education, and practice of Chinese management ;
  • To provide opportunities for closer cooperation and collaboration among scholars, educators, practitioners, and policymakers about management research and education in Chinese contexts ;
  • To advance an educational organization with unquestioned reputation for excellent scholarship and intellectual integrity.

Chinese management is broadly defined as management of Chinese organizations operating on or outside the Chinese mainland and non-Chinese organizations operating in any Chinese contexts.

IACMR Core Values

Pursuit of Excellence – members, officers, and volunteers of IACMR aspire to reach excellence in all of their activities and contributions, individually and collectively.
Source of Inspiration – IACMR members draw inspiration from each other’s work and from the activities, programs and publications offered by IACMR.
Responsible Scholarship – IACMR encourages its members to contribute to the well-being of the Chinese society and the global community through engaged and socially responsible scholarship in management.
Spirit of Service – IACMR promotes volunteerism and a strong spirit of service from its members to IACMR and to the profession as a whole.

Research Domain

  • Scientific analyses of individual, group, and firm behaviors in the Chinese context;
  • Cross cultural or comparative analyses of individual, group, and organizational level studies on firms inside and outside China;
  • Advancement in theories, application of creative methodologies, and cross-disciplinary analyses regarding individual, group, and organizational phenomena.

Commitment to Excellence

IACMR is Committed to Excellence. We pursue excellence in research integrity, journal publication, respect for research participants, reviewer and editor responsibilities, professional interaction and exchange, conference participation, and IACMR member responsibility. The full statement can be found at: www.iacmr.org


2023- 2025: Runtian Jing, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2021- 2023: Zhi-Xue Zhang, Peking University
2018 – 2021: Ray Friedman, Professor of Management, Vanderbilt University
2016 – 2018:  Neng Liang, Professor of Management, CEIBS
2014 – 2016:  Jiing-Lih Larry Farh, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
2012 – 2014:  Prof. Chao C. Chen, Rutgers University
2010 – 2012:  Prof. Jia Lin Xie, University of Toronto& Prof. Jing Zhou, Rice University
2008-2010:  Prof. Shuming Zhao, Nanjing University
2006-2008:  Prof. Xiao-Ping Chen, University of Washington
2002-2006:  Prof. Anne S. Tsui, Arizona State University, Peking University (Founding President)

IACMR Publications

Management and Organization Review (MOR) is the official journal of the IACMR, jointly sponsored by Fudan University and Peking University. Now MOR is published by Cambridge University Press five times a year, in February, May, July, October and December. First published in 2005, the journal is already ISI-listed with an international reach in 2008, and a readership that spans over 3,000 research institutions. It is dedicated to advancing global knowledge on management and organizations and aims to publish innovative research in three domains:

  • Fundamental research in management;
  • International, comparative and cross-cultural management research;
  • Chinese management research, including research on the management and organization of Chinese companies both in and outside of China and multinational companies operating in China.

Based on the  2021 SSCI Impact Factor report, we are proud to announce:

MOR‘s Impact Factor

2-year Impact Factor= 3.776
5-year Impact Factor= 4.113

Due to the increase in the number of submissions, MOR increased from four to five issues per year from 2020 onwards, and MOR is currently a bimonthly publication with six issues per year.

Management Insights is co-published by IACMR and School of Management, Fudan University. Publishers are Xiongwen Lu, Dean of School of Management, Fudan University and Anne S. Tsui, Founding President, International Association for Chinese Management Research; Chief Editor is Xiaoping Chen, Professor of University of Washington. It is a Chinese-English bilingual publication that converts leading academic research on China-related topics into summaries that can be easily read and used by managers. These summaries exclude most of the academic theory, research methodology and literature references that are in the original full papers, and focus on what is directly useful to managers. Most of the papers come from Management and Organization Review (MOR), published by the International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR) with selected China-related articles from other leading journals. All the summaries have been approved by the authors of the original articles.

IACMR Bimonthly Briefing is a bilingual member briefing published by the IACMR. It contributes to communication between the association and its members and dialogue among Chinese management researchers.


Two books of Chinese versions of the best papers in the Academy of Management Journal (AMJ) and Administrative Science Quarterly (ASQ), including awarded papers, from the past ten years.

Empirical Methods in Organization and Management Research was edited by Professors Xiao-Ping Chen, Anne Tsui and Jing-Lih Larry Farh. It systematically introduces research methods in management and highlights the uniqueness of Chinese management research.

We are pleased to announce that the publication Organization and Management Research Methods” books, published by Peking University Press:

  • 《组织管理学:数智时代的中国企业视角》
  • 《入世治学:组织和社会研究指南》
  • Doing Case Study Research: A Practial Guide for Beginning Researchers (3rd Edition)
  • Strategic Leadership Theory and Research on Executives, Top Management Teams, and Boards
  • Empirical Methods in Organization and Management Research, 4th edition
  • A Ethical Professor: A Practical Guide to Research Teaching and Professional Life
  • Becoming Qualitative Researchers An Introduction 5th Edition
  • A Practical Guide to the Empirical Methods in Management and Organization Research
  • Normal Organizational Wrongdoing: A Critical Analysis of Theories of Misconduct in any by Organizations
  • Classic Grounded Theory: Applications with Qualitative and Quantitative Data
  • The Philosophy of Management Research
  • Responsible Research in Management
  • A Revisit to the Theories and Practices of Case Study
  • Stars of Guanghua: Reflections on the Journey Toward High Quality of Scholarship
  • The Political Economy of Human Happiness: How Voters’ Choices Determine the Quality of Life
  • Empirical Methods in Organization and Management Research, 3rd edition
  • Beyond Eastern and Western Culture: A Collection of Papers by Kwok Leung
  • Using Qualitative Methods in Organizational Research
  • Collectiong of Award-winning Papers in the Academy of Management Review
  • Collection of Selected Excellent Papers in the Journal of International Business Studies
  • Capitalism from Below: Markets and Institutional Change in China
  • China’s Innovation Challenge: Overcoming the Middle Income Trap
  • Case Study Research Method: Selected Articles by Kathllen M. Eisenhardt
  • Empirical Methods in Organization and Management Research, 2nd edition
  • In Search of Truth and Beauty: The Research Journey of Professor Anne S. Tsui
  • Collection of Award-winning Papers in the Administrative Science Quarterly, Volume 2
  • Collectiong of Award-winning Papers in the Academy of Management Journal, Volume 2
  • A Collection of Papers on Management Theory Development
  • Solving Social Dilemmas: The Psychological Mechanisms of Cooperation
  • Management Education for the World
  • Empirical Methods in Organization and Management Research, 1st edition

IACMR Meetings

Biennial Conference
This conference aims to provide a forum for scholars from around the world to present and learn about the latest management research in the Chinese context. It features:

  1. Speeches by established scholars from both industry and academia, special-topic panels, refereed paper presentations;
  2. Professional development workshops (PDWs);
  3. Research awards and best conference paper awards.

Research Methods Workshop
Every other year IACMR organizes special Research Methods Workshops for young scholars and doctoral students in China to provide learning opportunities on basic research methods, current trends in methodology, and exemplary research design.

Teaching Workshop
Every other year IACMR launch the workshop with the purpose of helping those IACMR members with a passion to education become excellent teachers, so as to help advance the quality of management education in China, as well as accomplish the IACMR mission to “advance the science, education and practice of Chinese management”. This workshop is designed for faculty members with at least two years’ of teaching experience in the field of management.

Academic Seminars
IACMR organizes academic seminars of various topics on management, aiming at introducing Internationally renowned researchers and their work to Chinese researchers as well as creating opportunities for collaborations. We now have three seminar series:

  • IACMR Research Seminar Series (monthly)
  • IACMR Young Scholar Development Seminar Series (bimonthly)
  • IACMR Teaching and Learning Forum

Membership Services

IACMR members enjoy the following benefits and services:

  • A platform for scholarly exchange and professional development;
  • Paid member gets free online  subscription to Management and Organization Review;
  • Paid member gets free online subscription to Management Insights;
  • Free  Bimonthly Briefing;
  • Free admission or discounts to selected workshops and seminars sponsored by IACMR
  • Resource Center
  • Online Forum
  • News Updates in (Chinese) Management Research
  • Job opening Announcements
  • Join IACMR WeChat Groups


We encourage you to join our community by filling out the online application.

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Address: Room K203, No.2 Building of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University
Email: iacmrmembership@pku.edu.cn
Tel: (8610) 6274-7696