2018 Conference (June 13-17, 2018)

2018 Teaching and Learning Conference Workshops

Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC)

TLC is a strategic initiative in response to the growing demands for top quality management education in China and the associated teaching improvement needs of our members. TLC seeks to engage our members on the theory and practice of teaching, bridge the gap between teaching and research, and support their development as first class teachers and educators. After the success of TLC 2016 which was well received by many young faculty and senior doctoral students, we organize TLC again this year to meet the demands from young faculty. The ultimate goal of TLC is to position IACMR as a leader in Chinese management education in addition to its current leadership role in Chinese management research.

The TLC Conference will be held in conjunction with the IACMR Biennial Meeting. The three concurrent workshops will be held in the Economics and Management School of Wuhan University. TLC takes place prior to the refereed scholarly program, in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 13, 2018.

Registration and Fee
Pre-registration is required for all TLC workshops. The cost to register for TLC is RMB 100 (or USD$16.00). Please note you will be required to pay USD if you sign up in the English website and pay RMB if you do in the Chinese website. This is in addition to the registration fee of IACMR conference. The TLC conference fee will include participation in the conference sessions, teaching resource materials provided by presenters, and a tea break.  There are limited seats for each workshop and enrollment is based on the rule of ‘first come first served’. Please register as early as possible (the sign-up links are at the bottom of this page).

TLC schedule and venue
1230-1300: Registration
1300-1600: Concurrent Workshops

The workshops will be held in the building of the School of Economics and Management, Wuhan University.

Workshop 1: Teaching Leading Change

Working language: English


Ray Friedman, Vanderbilt University (范德堡大学)
Katherine Xin, CEIBS(忻榕 ,中欧国际工商学院)

Length of the workshop: 3 hours

Target Participants: Faculty members interested in teaching leading change
Total participants limited to no more than 60, first come first served.

Learning Objectives: 
Become a more effective teacher of Leading Change

Workshop Description:
Have you ever taught Leading Change, or wanted to teach Leading Change?  Learn how to teaching engaging, active classes on Leading Change.  The course will take you through several Leading Change exercises and cases that have proved effective in the classroom, and will provide information about several change simulations that are available. Those who attend this class should be prepared to join in small group and full-class discussions, and join in exercises.  The course is taught by two professors, Ray Friedman and Katherine Xin, who have taught Leading Change for years.

Workshop Requirements: no pre-work required.  Need willingness to engage in discussion and exercises.

Workshop 2:Teaching Cases to Chinese Executives

Working language: Chinese

Neng Liang (梁能,中欧国际工商学院),


Runtian Jin (井润田,上海交大)

Xuhong Li(李绪红,复旦大学)
Yanping LI (李燕萍,武汉大学)

Length of the workshop: 3 hours

Target Participants: 
Faculty members with more than 5 years MBA/EMBA teaching experiences.
Total participants limited to no more than 60, first come first served.

Learning Objectives: Develop jointly (Organizers AND participants)
a) An understanding of the challenges of teaching strategy management cases to EMBA students or practitioners;
b) A set of practical guidelines for effective case-based teaching.

Workshop Description: 
Participants will actually discuss a CEO succession case, as if they were students in an EMBA classroom, with workshop organizers act as discussion facilitator.
Then, participants will share their own case teaching experiences to develop a set of useful guidelines for effective case teaching.

Workshop Requirements: 
Participants will be asked to read an assigned case before workshop, “Piron Smart Technology: Parachuting a CEO from a Western Multinational (A)” and answer the case questions online in advance.

Assigned Readings: 
1.CEIBS Case: 安徽新华控股集团:曹杰上任 (pre-reading)
2. Characteristics of Effective Case Teaching, HBS (pre-reading)

Workshop 3: Evidence-based Teaching

<b “=””>Working language: Chinese

Zhixue ZHANG (张志学,北京大学)

Yulan HAN, (韩玉兰,上海财经大学)
Xin QIN(秦昕,中山大学)
Xin WEI (魏昕,对外经贸大学)
Zhixue ZHANG (张志学,北京大学)

Length of the workshop: 3 hours

Young faculty members who are teaching business-related courses for college students, and faculty members who are teaching MBA/EMBA classes.
Total participants limited to no more than 70, first come first served.

Learning Objectives:
Though teaching demonstrations, and speakers’ interactions with participants, enabling participants:
a) To know the skills of teaching for management-related courses for undergraduates;
b) To learn some behavior-based teaching strategies for MBA students;
c) To understand the rationale and skills of executive teaching;
d) To discuss the challenges of management-related class teaching and to design evidence-based teaching.

Workshop Description:
Participants may be invited to participate in short class simulations and share their experience or observations during the simulations. Speakers will facilitate participants to think about effective teaching strategies and skills, and offer some guidelines for designing evidence-based class activities.

Enrollment for the workshops:

Your enrollment will have to be approved by the administrator before you are able to pay by clicking “Event Management” in your personal center. Please give us a few hours to 1 day at most to approve your enrollment. Thank you!

Workshop 1: Teaching Leading Change (in English)
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Workshop 2:Teaching Cases to Chinese Executives (in Chinese)
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Workshop 3: Evidence-based Teaching (in Chinese)
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