MOR News

Table of Contents Volume 16 – Issue 3 – July 2020

Letter from the Editor
Arie Y. Lewin                              

Dialogue, Debate, and Discussion 

The Lingering New Normal
Liisa Valikängas and Arie Y. Lewin

Organizational Response to COVID-19 Crisis: Reflections on the Chinese Bureaucracy and Its Resilience
Xueguang Zhou

Societal Resilience: China and Japan
Gordon Redding

Black Swans and Generative Resilience
Ann Grandori

Organizational Resilience for a New Normal: Balancing the Paradox of Global Interdependence
Peter Ping Li

Special Issue Articles

Introduction: Informal Networks: Dark Sides, Bright Sides, and Unexplored Dimensions
Sven Horak, Fida Afiouni, Yanjie Bian, Alena Ledeneva, Maral Muratbekova-Touron, and Carl F. Fey

The State-Owned Enterprise as an Identity: The Influence of Institutional Logics on Guanxi Behavior
Xi Chen 

Influence of Informal Relationships on Expatriate Career Performance in China: The Moderating Role of Cultural Intelligence
Shuang Ren, Doren Chadee, and Alfred Presbitero 

Interbank Relations, Environmental Uncertainty, and Corporate Credit Access in China
Katarzyna Burzynska and Sonja Opper

The Role of Informal Social Networks as Intermediaries in the Foreign Markets
Marina Apaydin, Jon Thornberry, and Yusuf M. Sidani 

Wasta: Advancing a Holistic Model to Bridge the Micro-Macro Divide 
Sa’ad Ali and David Weir

Director Networks, Political Connections and Earnings Quality in Malaysia
Effiezal Aswadi Abdul Wahab, Mohd Faizal Jamaludin, Dian Agustia, and Iman Harymawan