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Call for Application | 2023 IACMR “The Scholarship and Methods of Teaching” Workshop

IACMR launched the program of “The Scholarship of Teaching Workshop” in 2019 with the purpose of helping those IACMR members with a passion to education become excellent teachers, so as to help advance the quality of management education in China, as well as accomplish the IACMR mission to “advance the science, education and practice of Chinese management”.

This workshop is designed for faculty members with at least two years’ of teaching experience in the field of management (e.g., OB, HR, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Consumer Behavior etc.).

1. Program Dates, Venue and Language:

Date:              October 13-15, 2023
Language:       Chinese
Venue:            Zhongnan University of Economics and Law(Wuhan)

2. Program Faculty and Key Topics:

  • Runtian Jing (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
    Bridging the Gap Between Teaching and Research
  • Xuhong Li (Fudan University):
    Design of Paired-Cases: Principles and Applications
  • Neng Liang (China Europe International Business School)
    Case Teaching: Characteristics of High-level Decision Making and “Serial case” Teaching
  • Jia Lin Xie (University of Toronto):
    Cognition and Emotion: The Art of Storytelling in Management Teaching (Online teaching showcase)
  • Xiaoyun Xie (Zhejiang University):
    Organizational Behavior Teaching in the Context of Digital Intelligence Embedding

3. Unique Features

-Integrating the science and arts of teaching
Teacher-training programs currently available in business education community in China typically offer valuable insights and practical tips based on instructors’ personal experiences. This IACMR workshop goes above and beyond that. Taking advantage of the latest science of learning, this workshop is designed to integrate personal experiences with education-relevant research outcomes and apply the science of learning to the practice of teaching.  This program will cover various teaching approaches (including but not limited to the case method) that can be applied to different programs and for different audiences.

-“Hands-on” sessions
This workshop is “hands-on” in that participants will work on a teaching plan that they wish to improve during the workshop. The three-day program consists of six half-day sessions. Each half-day session will start with a “method/skill” presentation, given by an experienced instructor, followed by a “practice” session, where the participants will apply the methods/skills just delivered to their own teaching. Workshop instructors will lead the discussion among the participants on how to deal with issues that might arise in the application of such methods/skills.

On day 3 afternoon, the final session of the workshop, participants will have an opportunity to seek feedback from instructors and other participants on their teaching plans. They first discuss their modified teaching plans in small groups for suggestions, then, selected participants will present their revised plan in a plenary session, with workshop faculty and participants serving as commentators.

-Well-prepared participants
Most teaching-related programs currently offered in China do not require participants to make serious preparation in advance. This workshop requires the participants to be fully prepared, because learner preparation is critical for effective learning.  To ensure a high level preparation, applicants are required to submit an application essay and a teaching plan that they wish to work on (see point 4; also see the attachment file for the form). Once admitted into the program, participants are required to finish reading assignments before arrival.

-Dedicated instructors
The five workshop instructors will be on-site throughout the three-day program, to facilitate group discussions and help participants apply what they have learned to their own teaching. The expected outcome of the workshop is that participants return to their school with a broader perspective of the scholarship of teaching, an enhanced set of teaching skills and tools, and a much improved teaching plan.

4. Application Requirements, Procedure, and Fee

Application requirements:

Because of the “hands-on” nature of this program, the total number of participants is limited to 50. Only fee-paying IACMR members are eligible for applying for the workshop (membership dues can be paid by clicking here).

To ensure that all participants are well prepared before arrival, candidates need to submit an application essay and a teaching plan to IACMR Beijing office.  The essay shall describe :

(1) their most proud achievement and the toughest challenges in teaching
(2) what they want to improve the most during the workshop, and
(3) how they see teaching in their careers.

The “teaching plan” should answer the following five questions:

(1) What the session (or a case) is about
(2) how this session (or the case) fits in a course
(3) why it is taught (learning objectives)
(4) what you are going to teach (the contents), and
(5) how you are going to teach it (the process).  

For those who are not familiar with teaching plan, please refer to HBS teaching note #9-793-105, “Teaching Notes: Communicating the Teacher’s Wisdom”, by James Austin. The notes are available to faculty members in HBSP.Harvard.EDU. It is written for case teaching, but the principles apply to other teaching methods (lecture, storytelling, experiment, simulation, field visit etc.) as well.

[Note: about downloading of the teaching notes: Harvard Business Publishing states ‘that access to the Sample copies of HBS cases and HBR articles via the HBP Educators site is restricted to current university teaching faculty only and these Sample copies have a DO NOT COPY OR POST watermark on them as access is granted only for the purpose of determining if a specific title is appropriate for their courses. ‘ If you are a teaching faculty member, please visit and search for “Teaching Notes: Communicating the Teacher’s Wisdom”. You need to get registered and will be able to download it once HBSP has confirmed your teaching faculty status.]

Based on the submitted teaching plan, workshop faculty will divide participants into groups with similar interests to ensure more effective group discussion.

The program organization committee will seek applicants who have the passion and drive for teaching excellence, as is reflected in the application essay and the submitted teaching plan.

Deadline and procedure:

The deadline for application to participate in the program is August 21, 2023.  Applications should be sent to IACMR Office ( Acceptance notice will be sent by August 30, 2023.

Program fee:

Registration fee is RMB 2,000 per participant, covering the cost of instruction, teaching materials, tea break and most meals during the program. Participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging.  Registration fee is due September 20, 2023.


The above schedule is subject to change or even cancellation if a government policy prohibits such meetings in case of another wave of COVID-19 development. We will keep monitoring the situation closely and make announcements as appropriate at our website, WeChat posting as well as by email. Thank you for your attention!

Welcome to download the application form: