Training Programs

Call for Applications

2011 Research Methods Workshop (in English)
July 24-27, 2011
Xiamen, China

Taipei workshop will be by invitation only. There will be no open call for applications.

Call for Applications
Application Deadline extended: March 15, 2011

You are cordially invited to apply for the all English Research Methods Workshop to be held from July 24-27, 2011, at Xiamen University in Xiamen, China. The purposes of the workshop are to provide instructions on developing a research project that will make a meaningful contribution to knowledge and practice, to introduce the major research methods involved in designing a high quality research project, and to build relationships with world-class management scholars (see the Faculty Advisor List at the end of this document). The 4-day program will consist of lectures and intensive discussion sessions for developing your research proposals. The workshop’s ultimate goal is to help develop research projects that will be publishable in international (English) academic journals. The instructional language for the workshop is English.

In addition to lectures, students/faculty with similar research interests will be put into the same discussion groups. Workshop participants will benefit from in-depth feedback and discussions of their proposal with the faculty advisors guiding the sessions and the other participants working in similar research areas. The discussions will focus on constructive comments and recommendations for improving proposals to a quality level that warrants future publications in high caliber journals.

To qualify for participation in this workshop, you must meet the following criteria:

(a) You are a student entering year 2 or 3 of your doctoral studies or a junior faculty member with an active research program.
(b) You are proficient in reading, speaking, and writing English.
(c) You are a paid member of IACMR.
(d) You sign a pledge form (appended to the end of this Call), agreeing to specific requirements to be a participant in this workshop.

The entire application should have the following components:
(1) a one-page cover letter confirming position title (faculty rank, or year in doctoral program), IACMR membership and membership expiration date,
(2) a one-page résumé indicating education, experience, and titles of up to five representative publications,
(3) a one-page research or dissertation idea,
(4) two one-page reference letters from faculty advisors for students and from department head and/or senior colleagues for faculty applicants,
(5) Completed pledge form.

All application materials must be written in English including the reference letters.

Submit this 6-page file in an MS 2003 WORD (2007 WORD or PDF are NOT acceptable) electronically to the workshop website on after Dec 1, 2010 and before the extended application deadline on March 15, 2011.

Space for the workshop is limited. We encourage you to apply early. We give priority to group applications with multiple students and multiple faculty members from the same school. Your application will be evaluated by the workshop committee and a final acceptance/rejection decision will be made by April 15, 2011.

This workshop is generously sponsored by the IACMR, Xiamen University, and co-sponsored by Huaqiao University, and the National Science Foundation of China. The workshop registration fees will be RMB1000/student and RMB2000/faculty. Please note that the registration fee is only about 20% of the cost of the workshop due to the generous support of all the sponsors. For participants who have been accepted by March 30th, to reserve your space, we must receive your registration fee May 24th, 2011, paid either on-line or by mail (if paying your registration fee by mail please send it well in advance so that your payment may be received by IACMR by May 24th, 2011).
We look forward to receiving your applications!

Jing Zhou and Jia Lin Xie (Directors of the workshop)
Anne Tsui (Advisor to the directors of the workshop)
Zhiyang Lin (Director of the local arrangement committee)
Zhaoyang Guo (Executive Director of the local arrangement committee)

Faculty Advisors (in alphabetical order):

1. Brian Boyd, Professor, Arizona State University
2. Chao Chen, Professor, Rutgers University
3. Deborah Dougherty, Professor, Rutgers University
4. Larry Farh, Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
5. Ame Kalleberg, Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
6. Steve Kozlowski, Professor, Michigan State University
7. Hui Liao, Associate Professor, University of Maryland
8. Mike Peng, Professor, University of Texas at Dallas
9. Anne Tsui, Professor, Arizona State University
10. David Whetten, Professor, Brigham Young University
11. Jia Lin Xie, Professor, University of Toronto
12. Jing Zhou, Professor, Rice University

2011 IACMR Research Methods Workshop Participant Pledge Form

I agree to the following requirements if I am accepted to participate in the 2011 IACMR Research Methods Workshop.
1. I will attend the workshop and participate in all activities.
2. If I am accepted by the workshop organizers but need to cancel, I agree to cancel at least one month in advance, and I understand that no refund will be given.
3. I will arrive on time for all lectures and discussion sessions.
4. I will contribute to discussions actively and respect others’ contributions.
5. I will have read the IACMR Commitment to Excellence statement, which is posted on the IACMR website, before the first day of the workshop.
6. I agree to adhere to guidelines for research ethics and ethical conducts in all current and future research activities.

Signed: _______________________________________________
(Name and date)