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CMI: Call for Articles and Interview Proposals

Call for Nomination of China content articles and CEO interview proposals

Chinese Management Insights (CMI), launched in October 2011 by the International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR), is a Chinese-English bilingual publication that converts leading academic research on China-related topics into summaries that can be easily read and used by managers. These summaries exclude most of the academic theory, research methodology and literature references that are in the original full papers, and focus on what is directly useful to managers. All summaries have the approval of the authors of the original articles. The new articles are released each month, with a print issue every four months. In addition, CMI also publishes original interview of leading CEOs who have demonstrated success with their unique management perspectives. Please browse: for published summaries and interview articles.

We are seeking both nomination of articles and proposals for CEO interviews for possible inclusion in CMI.

Nominated papers for CMI should meet the following criteria:

  1.  It should be published within the past five years.
    2.      It must have strong China content in terms of phenomena, concepts, or theories.
    3.      It should have apparent managerial relevance.
    4.      It should be published in SSCI listed journals, and preferably in the top 30 ranking in terms of ISI impact factor. However, we also would consider other articles if they provide unique understanding of Chinese management, but all articles must be published in peer-reviewed outlets.
    5.      The nomination should include the title of paper and email address of the corresponding author of the article, along with a PDF or WORD version of the paper.

Proposal for CEO interview should meet the following requirements:

  1. The CEO should be the head of the firm for at least ten years, the firm must have demonstrated success with high quality products or services, and the CEO must have shown social responsibility toward various stakeholders of the firm.
  2. The proposal should include the name of the CEO and the company, the name, position, and affiliation of the interviewer, and the extent of knowledge about the company or CEO by the interviewer.
    3. The proposal should be about 300 words on one page, with the above information.

Please submit nomination or proposal to Ms Eve Yan at