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Cognition-based Trust 基于认知的信任

Volume 11, Issue 1

Trust and Deception in Negotiation: Culturally Divergent Effects


Jian-Dong Zhang (张建东), Leigh Anne Liu (劉黎安), Wu Liu (刘武)

Scale Name (English): cognition-based trust

量表名称(中文): 基于认知的信任

Reference source of the original English scale (if applicable): Lewicki, R. J., Stevenson, M. A., & Bunker, B. B. 1997. The three components on interpersonal trust: Instrument development and differences across relationships, Paper Presented at the Academy of Management Meeting, Boston.

Item contents (条目内容):

1 对方的行为符合我的期望。

2 对方想让人知道他/她是遵守承诺的。

3 对方知道守信要比失信的好处大。

4 对方在谈判中遵守信用。

5 对方值得享有良好声誉。

Scale Reliability(量表信度): α = 0.78