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Editorial for MOR 17.1 by Xiao-Ping Chen

Dear Members of IAMCR,

It is a great honor for me to be the incoming Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of Management and Organization Review (MOR). I truly value the trust and support from the Search Committee and appreciate the opportunity to work with like-minded scholars to push MOR to the next level.

Standing on the shoulders of Anne Tsui (the founding EIC) and Arie Lewin (the current EIC), I envision MOR to becoming the premier journal for new and ground-breaking insights about management and organizations in the Chinese context and global comparative contexts.  MOR should be a leading journal on Chinese management research containing context-specific knowledge about China, context-dependent knowledge comparing management practices in China to those in other economies, and context-free knowledge that transcends cultural differences.  

MOR values research that offers a comprehensive understanding of complex phenomena in the contemporary world – a world that is being reshaped by the global pandemic, rapid technological innovation, and artificial intelligence.  These changes are affecting organizations, the nature of work, and the demands placed on workers in China and beyond. MOR places a priority on phenomenon-inspired, problem-solving, and solution-seeking research with rigorous methodologies.  MOR also encourages research involving multi-disciplinary perspectives and cross-sector collaboration with business or non-business organizations. MOR values the seven principles of Responsible Research ( in all phases of a research to ensure that the findings are both credible and useful for teaching, practice, and policy making. 

MOR publishes articles of various types, including theoretical papers, qualitative empirical research (archival, interview, ethnographic, case studies), and quantitative empirical research (experiment, survey, secondary data, meta-analysis), as well as papers in the form of Discussion, Debate, and Dialogue. We welcome papers addressing any issues in management such as corporate strategy, firm internationalization, organizational theory, entrepreneurship, technology innovation, organizational behavior, human resource management, and business ethics.

In addition to regular paper submissions, we will also accept pre-approved proposals that have gone through a multi-stage paper development process. We will continue to publish Special Issues on timely topics of great importance such as social entrepreneurship, work automation, gig economy, digital economy, virtual leadership, corporate network strategy, long-term inclusive stakeholder model of business. 

I am excited about the future of MOR, and I look forward to working with you all to achieve our vision about MOR!

Xiao-Ping Chen
Incoming Editor, Management and Organization Review
Philip M. Condit Endowed Chair Professor in Business Administration
Michael G. Foster School of Business
University of Washington