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IACMR Bimonthly Briefing – April 2020


1. One Year Delay of Biennial IACMR Conference
2. PMR Teacher Training Workshop Postponed by a Year
3. Anne Tsui: COVID-19 Crisis: A Call for Responsible Leadership Research
4. Submission Deadline Approaching for Proposals for Kwok Leung Memorial Fund Grant 2020
5. IACMR 2020 COVID-19 Outbreak and Management Special Symposium Held Virtually
6. IACMR University Liaisons Meeting
7. Winners of the Third IACMR-RRBM Award for Responsible Research in Management

·Management and Organization Review (MOR) Updates

1. The Article of the Month”(March-April
2. Reviewing the Mission of Management and Organization Review
3. Table of Contents Volume 16-Issue 1
4. Calls for Submissions on Responsible Leadership Research
5. Call for MOR Editor-in-Chief Nominations

Management Insights (MI) Updates

Latest issue of MI

·Management Community News

1. Job Posting: Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics High-level Talent Recruitment for School of Business Administration in 2020
2. Job Posting (in Chinese):Shanghai Normal University
3. Job Posting (in Chinese):Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
4. Job Posting (in Chinese):Zhejiang Sci-tech University

· IACMR News

1. One Year Delay of Biennial IACMR Conference
The Executive Committee of IACMR has been following closely the COVID-19 developments around the world. It has become clear that international travel will remain highly restricted in the coming months, as people across the globe struggle to control the virus. After soliciting and listening to member concerns and suggestions, the IACMR Executive Committee has decided to push back the date of the biennial conference by one yearfrom June 2020 to June 2021. 

All papers, symposia, PDWs, and panels that were accepted for the 2020 conference are automatically accepted for the 2021 conference. To view more detailed arrangements, please click here.

2. Teacher Training Workshop for the Philosophy of Management Research Postponed by a Year

The Organizing Committee of Philosophy of Management Research (PMR) has been following closely the COVID-19 developments around the world. Given it is likely to have many uncertain months ahead, the Committee has decided to push back the date of the workshop for the PMR course by one year, from December 2020 to December 2021. The workshop will still take place at the School of Business, the Hong Kong Baptist University.

3. COVID-19 Crisis: A Call for Responsible Leadership Research

Facing the COVID-19 pandemic, how should management scholars proceed with their research? Professor Anne Tsui, Founding President of IACMR, made a call for responsible leadership research.

In times of crisis such as wars, hurricanes, earthquakes, or pandemics like the one we are experiencing now, leaders play an especially important role, since their decisions and actions may have life or death consequences. The coronavirus pandemic presents a critical challenge to leadership at all levels and in all organizations. How are leaders in government, business, non-governmental organizations, civil society, and communities responding to this public health crisis? What are the right actions to take? What is a responsible decision?

The media is encouraging policy makers and citizens to listen to the scientists for advice and guidance. As reported widely, medical and public health researchers are front and center in providing credible information and evidence-based recommendations. Psychiatrists and mental health specialists, based on accumulated knowledge from past research, are offering suggestions on how to adjust to new work and family arrangements brought on by work displacement and social distancing. Having been involved in promoting responsible research in business and management for the past few years, I asked myself, what can business research offer to this major disruption to businesses, organizations, and workers? What would or can a responsible researcher do to address a global healthcare crisis which is affecting millions of workers who are told to work at home or to go home without a guarantee of pay for an unknown period of time? What would be our advice to government and business leaders during this unprecedented disruption?

Please click here to learn more about Prof. Anne. S. Tsui’s views.

4. Submission Deadline Approaching for Proposals for Kwok Leung Memorial Fund Grant 2020

The call for proposals for the Kwok Leung Memorial Dissertation Fund Grant 2020 was issued on March 19 and the submission deadline is approaching soon. The proposals should be sent to the IACMR ( with the subject “Application for the Kwok Leung Memorial Dissertation Fund”, by April 302020.  The IACMR Research Committee will assess the proposals and the decisions will be announced in June.  Please click here for more information.

5. IACMR 2020 COVID-19 Outbreak and Management Special Symposium was Held Virtually 

In view that the 9th IACMR Biennial Conference has been postponed by one year, the special symposium on “COVID-19 Outbreak and Management” organized by Professor Zhaoli Song (National University of Singapore) and Professor Wu Liu (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University), which was originally scheduled at the Biennial Conference, was rescheduled as a virtual forum during April 11- 14 via Zoom.

The special symposium covered some critical topics and issues on coronavirus crisis and management, creating a platform for scholars to share their wisdom, to inspire new ideas and to promote responsible scholarship to address critical social issues. The symposium consisted of six sessions in four days, with 19 scholars presenting their papers on organizational management, economy and market, behavioral responses, communication and public policies that were related to the COVID-19 outbreak. These six sessions attracted a total of 876 participants, with a peak of 217 people online. The video conferencing system provided instant barrier-free interaction opportunities. Six guest discussants, including the current president, president-elect, vice president, and vice president-elect of IACMR, were invited to comment on papers in each session. Discussants summarized commonalities of papers in each session, highlighted their theoretical and practical contributions, and provided suggestions for authors to improve their works. Authors expressed their appreciation for the clear guidance from discussants.

Such online forums have created a new mode of academic exchanges, particularly suitable under the current situation of “social distancing”.

Please click here for more detailed information about the session themes, papers presented and session video links, which can be shared by more interested scholars.

6. IACMR University Liaisons Meeting

IACMR set up the university liaison team in as early as January 2013. Up to now, we have 73 IACMR liaisons from 67 universities ( Each liaison has set up a WeChat group of local IACMR members. They have been supporting IACMR in terms of developing new members in their respective regions, raising the profile of IACMR by jointly organizing seminars as well as cascading IACMR latest news to many more members.

In order to have feedback from the liaison team for better serving IACMR members, an online meeting of the university liaisons was held on the evening of April 22. 22 faculty members and 7 doctoral students from 29 universities across China joined the 2-hour meeting. The participants first were briefed about the IACMR’s strategy/plan and then discussed about IACMR’s potential to leverage resources from local schools and scholars; IACMR members’ expectations on IACMR to help with their research, teaching and career development, and more benefits for fee-paying members; existing problems with the IACMR biennial conference and suggestions of solutions; the liaison team’s role in supporting IACMR and coordinating with their schools and local member… These comments and suggestions from the team members are very helpful for further development of IACMR and improvement of member services. The IACMR office is compiling the report to be submitted to the IACMR Executive Committee, and hopefully many of the suggestions can be put into implementation soon.

If your school is not listed in the list ( and you are willing to be a member of the university liaison team, please feel free to write to Jennifer Zhao of IACMR Office at to express your intention. Welcome to join the IACMR university liaison team!

7. Winners of the Third IACMR-RRBM Award for Responsible Research in Management 

The Third Annual (2020) IACMR Responsible Research in Management Award is co-sponsored by the Community for Responsible Research in Business and Management. The purpose of this award was to discover good management scholarship (research articles or research books) published between 2015-2019.  The topics of the nominated work should focus on important issues in business and society, utilizing sound research methods yielding credible results, and exemplifying the RRBM Seven Principles of Responsible Research. The third annual award is to honor the 7 “Finalists”, 8 “Winners” and 3 “Distinguished Winners” ( Each of the “Winners” and “Distinguished Winners” will receive a certificate of recognition and a cash prize, which is kindly sponsored by

·Management and Organization Review (MOR) Updates

1. ‘The Article of the Month from MORMarch-April


Deterrence Effects: The Role of Authoritarian Leadership in Controlling Employee Workplace DevianceYuyan Zheng, Xu Huang, Les Graham, Tom Redman and Saiquan Hu


Frames and Actors: Translating Talent Management Strategy to Latin America
Maria Teresa Beamond, Elaine Farndale and Charmine E. J. Härtel

2. Reviewing the Mission of Management and Organization Review

Recently, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology of China jointly issued a notice that the number of papers published in SCI journals should no longer be used as a criteria for academic evaluation.

In fact, this position is consistent with the view of the leaders of Management and Organization Review (MOR), the flagship journal of the International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR). Founded in 2005, MOR publishes research about Chinese management and organizations, foreign organizations operating in China, and Chinese firms operating globally. The aspiration of MOR is to develop knowledge that is unique to China as well as universal knowledge that may transcend China.

Many years ago, MOR appealed to management scholars to abandon “bean-counting” research aimed only at generating a high number of top-journal “hits,” focusing instead on socially responsible research and indigenous Chinese management research (Tsui, 2013). During the fifteen years since its founding, MOR has published many studies that recognize the cultural roots and institutional context of contemporary management in China, enabling them to introduce important Chinese cultural constructs (Tsui, 2018).

We are happy to see that MOR’s long-standing mission is aligned well with the new government policy for academic evaluation. We invite management scholars in China to see MOR as an appropriate outlet for their best China-focused research, and hope that together we can realize the mission of MOR in this new research era.

3. Table of Contents Volume 16 – Issue 1

Please click here for ToC of Volume 16-Issue 1, the latest issue of MOR.

4. MOR Calls for Submissions on Responsible Leadership Research

In times of crisis, leadership can make a life and death difference. The current coronavirus pandemic is a challenge to leadership in all sectors, government, business, and civil society.

A group of organization scholars developed a special issue on Responsible Leadership in China and Beyond for Management and Organization Review in December 2019, a month before coronavirus hit China, and a month later, globally. As we see different forms of responsible, or not so responsible, leadership unfold in front of our eyes in dealing with this pandemic, there is both an opportunity and a responsibility for management and organization researchers to contribute knowledge on responsible leadership in times of crisis.

Please read the CFP for this MOR Special Issue on Responsible Leadership in China and Beyond for your thoughts and contribution.

5. Call for MOR Editor-in-Chief Nominations

Due to disruptions related to COVID19, the deadline for nomination for EIC of Management and Organization Review has been pushed back to April 30.  Any nominations should be emailed both to IACMR President Ray Friedman and IACMR’s Executive Director, Zhijun Yao.

Management Insights (MI) Updates

Latest issue of MI

Please click here to view the latest issue of MI.

·Management Community News

1. Job posting Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE): High-level Talent Recruitment for School of Business Administration in 2020

Please click here for more information.

2. Job posting (in Chinese): Shanghai Normal University

Please click here for more information.

3. Job posting (in Chinese): Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Please click here for more information.

4. Job posting (in Chinese): Zhejiang Sci-tech University

Please click here for more information.

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