IACMR Election

IACMR Officer Election 2019 – Call for Nominations

Dear IACMR Members,
On behalf of the Nomination and Election Committee of IACMR, I am writing to solicit your nominations for the following IACMR officers:

-Vice President/Program Chair 2022, and
-Four Representatives-at-Large (the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Chinese Mainland); and
-Two Ph.D. student representatives (One from the Chinese Mainland and one from an overseas university; non-voting member of the board). 

According to IACMR Constitution and Bylaws, the elected officers will serve for the period of July 2019-June 2022. They will start their service from July 2019, as non-voting members observers on the board.

When you nominate a candidate, please keep in mind that IACMR mission is to advance “the science, education and practice” of Chinese management, and our core values are“Pursuit of Excellence, Source of Inspiration, Responsible Scholarship and Spirit of Service”. 

All nominations are to be made via the website. The detailed information about the election and the link to make nominations is available here. Once nominations are received, the Nomination and Election Committee will prepare a slate of nominees for each position to be voted on by the membership. The following is the schedule for this election.

March 10: deadline for nominations
April 6: voting opens
May 2: deadline for voting
May 25: results to be announced

Please note only active fee-paying members are eligible to make nominations and participate in the voting (please visit the“Join Us” page for information about how to become a fee-paying member).

Thank you for your participating in this important activity of IACMR!

Neng Liang
Past President

Members of the Nomination and Election Committee 2019
Neng Liang, CEIBS (Chair)
Chao Chuan Chen, Rutgers University
Xiaoping Chen, University of Washington
Jiing-Lih Larry Farh, CEIBS
Ray Friedman, Vanderbilt University
Anne Tsui, Arizona State University
Jia Lin Xie, University of Toronto
Shuming Zhao, Nanjing University
Jing Zhou, Rice University