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IACMR Young Scholar Development Series #2

Title: Academic Road, You’ll Never Walk Alone
Time: 19:30-20:45 (China time)
Date: August 11, 2020
Language: Chinese

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Yucheng Zhang (Hebei University of Technology)

Speakers and Talk Titles

Guiquan Li (Rennes School of Business ): Advantages and Disadvantages of International Collaboration and Domestic Cooperation
Long Zhang (Hunan University): Interest, Personality and Fairness in Academic Collaboration and Friendship
Yucheng Zhang (Hebei University of Technology) : Things You Need to Know about International Norm of Academic Collaboration

Summary of the Seminar
Do you walk alone on your academic road? For most young scholars of social science, fighting alone may take longer to obtain research funding and publish top-tier journal articles. In most cases, it is more likely to give up due to difficulties or lack of passion when young researchers work alone. What about working together with colleagues and friends? Scholars from various backgrounds have different thinking system and academic skills. You can discuss research ideas to engage in thinking collision and stimulate academic interest. The academic collaboration can significantly enhance work effectiveness. Therefore, the three speakers will share how their experience of collaboration and how their teamwork overcome academic challenges. Sepcifically, they will share the importance of collaboration in academic career: What are the principles for academic cooperation and how to find the good coauthors? How to gain more academic outputs and research innovation through collective work to facilitate personal career growth.

Introduction of the Speakers

Yucheng Zhang (Chair & Speaker) is a professor at the School of Economics and Management of Hebei University of Technology, 131 engineering talents in Tianjin, and “100 excellent” innovative talents in Hebei Province. He is currently the Editorial Board member of several leading journals, such as Journal of Business EthicsJournal of Vocational Behavior. He hosts the General Program and Young Scientists Fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the Ministry of Education of Humanities and Social Sciences Project. He has published over 40 articles in highly-ranked journals, such as Journal of Applied PsychologyJournal of Management. Several of his publications ranked ESI 1%. His current research interests include meta-science of management, abusive supervision, and dual career workers.

Guiquan Li (Speaker) is an associate professor at Rennes School of Business and a 131 project talent in Tianjin. He serves as reviewers for many journals. He is the principle investigator of two research projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. His research focuses on leadership, followership, and work motivation and behavior, with a special interest on the psychological processes underlying leader-follower interaction. He has published papers in Personnel PsychologyJournal of Occupational and Organizational PsychologyLeadership QuarterlyNankai Business Review, among others.

Long Zhang (Speaker) is an associate professor at Business School of Hunan University, Associate Editor of Chinese Management Studies, Chinese Think Tank CTTI expert, Senior Research Fellow in National Development Research Center for Skill Road Countries, ad-hoc reviewer of National Nature Science Foundation of China (NSFC). He hosts research projects such as the Young Scientists Fund of NSFC and NSF of Hunan Province. His research interests include strategic human resources, organizational behavior, and innovation and entrepreneurship among others. He has published more than 10 papers in high-quality management journals, such as Journal of ManagementJournal of Business Ethics and other leading management journals. He is rewarded as Woosong University Chinese Outstanding Alumni Awards 3 times from 2017-2019.

IACMR Young Scholar Development Seminar Series

IACMR Young Scholar Development Series is a monthly, zoom-based seminar series. Through this platform, we hope to provide IACMR members especially young scholars a place to seek advices in career development (both in research and teaching), as well as a place of experience sharing with their peers, especially during these times of restricted travel. Topics include but not limited to:

• key issues about publishing papers in international journals;
• publishing papers in Chinese journals
• applying for funds with NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China)
• teaching experience sharing
• training on paper reviewing
• improving presentation skills

When:  The 2nd Wednesday of each month (China Time)
Time:  Depends on speaker’s time zone
Format: 75 mins live  (recordings will also be posted on-line)
Language:  Mostly Chinese
Access:  IACMR Members

For viewing detailed information and upcoming talks, please visit here.

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