MOR News

Table of Contents Volume 16 – Issue 4 – October 2020

Letter from the Editor
Arie Y. Lewin                              

Dialogue, Debate, and Discussion – Second Resilience Forum
Leadership that Generates Resilience: An Introduction to Second Resilience Forum
Liisa Valikängas 

When the Default Just Won’t Do: Resilience as the New Competitive Driver
Michael G. Jacobides, Nikolaus Lang, and Konrad von Szczepanski

COVID-19 and the Increasing Centrality and Power of Platforms in China, the US, and Beyond
Martin Kenney and John Zysman

Another Pandemic in Africa: Weak Healthcare, Strong Leadership, and Collective Action in Africa’s COVID-19 Response
Helena Barnard

Resilience under Weiji: Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies
Yimei Hu, Huanren Zhang, and Peipei Yang

Regular Articles
Joint Effects of Ownership and Competition on the Relationship between Innovation and Productivity: Application of the CDM Model to the Chinese Manufacturing Sector 
Junguo Shi, Bert Sadowski, Sihan Li, and Önder Nomaler

The Three Graces of Leadership: Untangling the Relative Importance and the Mediating Mechanisms of Three Leadership Styles in Russia 
Alexei Koveshnikov, Mats Ehrnrooth, and Heidi Wechtler

Opportunism, Identification Asymmetry, and Firm Performance in Chinese Interorganizational Relationships 
Lucy Sojung Lee and Weiguo Zhong

Exploring Firm-Level Antecedents that Drive Motives of Internationalization: A Study of Knowledge Intensive Indian Firms 
Faisal M. Ahsan, Ashutosh Sinha, and R Srinivasan

Exploring the Role of University-Run Enterprises in Technology Transfer from Chinese Universities 
Xibao Li and Justin Tan

Information Asymmetry and Investor Valuations of Initial Public Offerings: Two Dimensions of Organizational Reputation as Stock Market Signals 
Yang Liu, Peng Cheng, Zhe OuYang, and Ao Wang