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Table of Contents Volume 17 – Issue 2 – May 2021

Volume 17   Issue 2                             

Arie Y. Lewin                              

Letter from the Editor

Special Issue Articles

Oli R. Michalache and Henk W. Volberda

Business Model Innovation in Transforming Economies: A Co-evolutionary Perspective for a Global and Digital World

Jun Wu, Wenwen An, Xin Zheng, and Jianqi Zhang

How Business Model Designs Influence Firm Growth in a Transforming Economy: A Configurational Perspective

Michael Zisuh Ngoasong, Jinmin Wang, Rolv Petter Amdam, and Ove Bjarnar

The Role of MNE Subsidiaries in the Practice of Global Business Models in Transforming Economies

Robert Demir and Duncan Angwin

Multidexterity: Combining Competing Business Models in Transforming Economies

Ana Colovic and Marion Schruoffeneger

Institutional Voids and Business Model Innovation: How Grassroots Social Businesses Advance Deprived Communities in Emerging Economies

Sonia Mehrotra and S. Ramakrishna Velamuri

Secondary Business Model Innovation in Emerging Economies

Mokter Hossain, Jarkko Levänen, and Marleen Wierenga

Pursuing Frugal Innovation for Sustainability at the Grassroots Level

Yulun Ma and Yue Hu

Business Model Innovation and Experimentation in Transforming Economies: ByteDance and TikTok

Dialogue, Debate, and Discussion 

Peter Ping Li, Arie Y. Lewin, Michael A. Witt, and Liisa Välikangas

De-globalization and Decoupling: A Luck of the Draw for India?

Mike W. Peng, Nishant Kathuria, Fernando Luiz E. Viana, and Afonso Carneiro Lima

Conglomeration, De(globalization), and COVID-19

Jörg Sydow, Markus Helfen, and Carolin Auschra

Re-thinking Global Production Networks in the Face of Crises: A Comment from Germany in Light of COVID-19

Louise Curran and Jappe Eckhardt

Why COVID-19 Does Not Mean the End of Global Value Chains

Research Notes

Hilla Peretz and Michael J. Morley

A Preliminary Test of the Impact of De-Globalization on MNC Performance

Yimei Hu, Kailan Tian, and Cuihong Yang

The Lose-Lose Consequence: Assessing US-China Trade Decoupling through the Lens of Global Value Chains