Table of Contents Volume 17 – Issue 4

Volume 17   Issue 4                      

Arie Y. Lewin                              
Letter from the Editor

Special Issue Articles

Peter Ping Li, Mooweon Rhee, and Bilian N. Sullivan
Remembering James March

Xueguang Zhou
Chinese Bureaucracy Through Three Lenses: Weberian, Confucian, and Marchian

Yanjie Bian
A Relational Image of Chinese Bureaucracy

Yimei Hu, Huanren Zhang, and Yuchen Gao
In Search of Optimal Distinctiveness: Balancing Conformity and Differentiation via Organizational Learning

Shuyang You, Abby Jingzi Zhou, Steven Shijin Zhou, Liangding Jia, and Chengqi Wang
Organizational Learning Under Institutional Complexity: Evidence from Township Clusters in China

Xin Li
Neither-And Thinking: Understanding James March’s Unique Solution to Paradox

Yingya Jia, Anne S. Tsui, and Xiaoyu Yu
Beyond Bounded Rationality: CEO Reflective Capacity and Firm Sustainability Performance

Lerong He, Liying Huang, and Guangqing Yang
Invest in Innovation or Not? How Managerial Cognition and Attention to Allocation Shape Corporate Responses to Performance Shortfalls

Letter to the Editor

Peter Ping Li
The Last Interview with James March

Dialogue, Debate, and Discussion 

Annika Hochstrasser and Johann Peter Murmann
China Innovation Capacity Growth Index 2015 and 2020

Martin Kenney
Commentary on ‘China Innovation Capacity Growth Index 2015 and 2020’

Can Huang
Measuring China’s Innovation Capacity: An Important Unmeasurable Factor and a New Contextual Factor