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Table of Contents Volume 17 – Issue 3

Volume 17 – Issue 3 – July 2021

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Letter from the Editor
Letter from the Editor

The Failure of Hybrid Organizations: A Legitimation Perspective
Juliana Siwale, Jonathan Kimmitt, Joseph Amankwah-Amoah

Article Commentary
Leveraging Logics to Address the Paradox: Commentary on ‘The Failure of Hybrid Organizations: A Legitimation Perspective’
Chenjian Zhang

Unraveling the Philosophical Foundations of Co-opetition Strategy
Giovanni Battista Dagnino, Anna Minà

The Danger of Blindly Following: Examining the Relationship Between Authoritarian Leadership and Unethical Pro-organizational Behaviors
Fangzhou Liu, Jian Liang, Mo Chen

The Micro-Foundation of Ambidextrous Foreign Direct Investment
Xinli Huang, Di Fan, Xiaoming He, Yiyi Su

Following the Old Road: Organizational Imprinting and the Regional Development of Russia
Nooa Nykänen

Dialogue, Debate, and Discussion
The Vulnerability Problem of Business Ecosystems under Global Decoupling
Hongryol Cha, Jie Wu, Masaaki Kotabe

The New Liability of Origin in Global Decoupling
Hao Tan, Mengying Yang

An Outcome of Decoupling and De-globalization? The Weakened Impact of Internationalization on Innovation of Chinese Firms Since 2016
Liang Wang, Zaiyang Xie

How Is China Impacting African Cities?
Jeffrey W. Paller