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MOR 18.4 Table of Content


Entertainment Spending and Capturing Value from Innovation in Chinese Firms
Guoguang WanLuqun XieJiatao LiDequan Jiang

The Evolution of Business Ethics in China and the United States: Convergence, Divergence, or Crossvergence?
Jong Min LeeYongsun PaikCharles VanceDonghong LiKevin Groves

Behind the Political Connections Under Emerging Democracies
Selenge UlziisukhZelong Wei

Not All Types of Social Networks Are Good: The Dual Effects of Social Networks on Courtesy Stigma
Longwei TianPeter Ping LiEn XieYuan Li

Evolution of the Chinese Intellectual Property Rights System: IPR Law Revisions and Enforcement
Jie HongJakob EdlerSilvia Massini

Dialogue, Debate, and Discussion

Forum on ‘The Rise of China’s Digital Economy’
Johann Peter Murmann

The Rise of China’s Digital Economy: An Overview
Hong JiangJohann Peter Murmann

The Driving Forces Behind the Phenomenal Rise of the Digital Economy in China
Chong MaJi-Ye MaoXiao-Peng An

Semiconductor Catch-Up Is Not Enough: Twigging the Context of China’s Ambitions 
Martin KenneyArie Y. Lewin

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