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Table of Contents Volume 18 – Issue 4


Entertainment Spending and Capturing Value from Innovation in Chinese Firms
Guoguang WanLuqun XieJiatao LiDequan Jiang

The Evolution of Business Ethics in China and the United States: Convergence, Divergence, or Crossvergence?
Jong Min LeeYongsun PaikCharles VanceDonghong LiKevin Groves

Behind the Political Connections Under Emerging Democracies
Selenge UlziisukhZelong Wei

Not All Types of Social Networks Are Good: The Dual Effects of Social Networks on Courtesy Stigma
Longwei TianPeter Ping LiEn XieYuan Li

Evolution of the Chinese Intellectual Property Rights System: IPR Law Revisions and Enforcement
Jie HongJakob EdlerSilvia Massini

Dialogue, Debate, and Discussion

Forum on ‘The Rise of China’s Digital Economy’
Johann Peter Murmann

The Rise of China’s Digital Economy: An Overview
Hong JiangJohann Peter Murmann

The Driving Forces Behind the Phenomenal Rise of the Digital Economy in China
Chong MaJi-Ye MaoXiao-Peng An

Semiconductor Catch-Up Is Not Enough: Twigging the Context of China’s Ambitions 
Martin KenneyArie Y. Lewin

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