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Nominate Officers 2013-2016 for Election!

Call for Nominations for IACMR New Officers

Dear IACMR Members,

According to the Constitution and Bylaws of IACMR, we are holding a biennial election of five officers for the IACMR Executive Committee this year. Thus, I am writing you to solicit nominations for the following officers for IACMR for the period of July 2013-June 2016:

1. Vice President and Program Chair;
2. Four Representatives-at-Large:  a. the Americas, b. Europe, c. Asia-Pacific, and d. the Chinese mainland;
3. In addition, we will also elect two non-voting Ph.D. student representatives to the IACMR Executive Committee.

When elected, the officer will serve as the “Incoming” officer for the position into which he or she is being elected for one year (July 2013 to July 2014) and then assume the duties of the officer position in the second and third year (July 2014 to July 2016). The duties of these officers are listed at the end of this mail.

The Nomination and Election Committee consists of the following:

Jing Zhou, Rice University (Chair)
Jia Lin Xie, University of Toronto
Shuming Zhao, Nanjing University
Xiaoping Chen, University of Washington
Anne Tsui, Arizona State University
Chao Chen, Rutgers University

The committee’s task is to prepare a slate of nominees for these positions to be voted on by the membership. The purpose of this message is to solicit nominations for these positions. Only active fee paying members of IACMR can make nomination and participate in the voting. If you wish to join as an active member, please click on this link to join and pay your membership fee.

Please make nominations via the website On the elections website, please click on the button “nominate” in the upper right hand corner of the website to nominate someone.  You will need your IACMR username and password to do this.  If you do not remember this, you can obtain it from the main page of the IACMR website (look in the upper right corner for “forgot password.” For each nominee you will need to enter their full name, institutional affiliation, and a brief statement on why the person is well suited to be an IACMR officer.  If possible, please submit a bio or CV of each person you nominate via the website.

For further information about the Constitution and Bylaws that describe the organization and officers, please visit the IACMR website:  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing

The following is the schedule for this election.
April 18: deadline for nominations
May 15: voting opens
May 30: deadline for voting
June 5: announce results

Thank you for participating in this important activity to nominate and vote for officers who will serve our members and contribute to the development of IACMR.

Jing Zhou

Chair of Nomination and Election Committee

Past President, IACMR