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Reviewing the Mission of “Management and Organization Review”

Recently, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology of China jointly issued a notice that the number of papers published in SCI journals should no longer be used as a criteria for academic evaluation.

In fact, this position is consistent with the view of the leaders of Management and Organization Review (MOR), the flagship journal of the International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR). Founded in 2005, MOR publishes research about Chinese management and organizations, foreign organizations operating in China, and Chinese firms operating globally. The aspiration of MOR is to develop knowledge that is unique to China as well as universal knowledge that may transcend China.

Many years ago, MOR appealed to management scholars to abandon “bean-counting” research aimed only at generating a high number of top-journal “hits,” focusing instead on socially responsible research and indigenous Chinese management research (Tsui, 2013). During the fifteen years since its founding, MOR has published many studies that recognize the cultural roots and institutional context of contemporary management in China, enabling them to introduce important Chinese cultural constructs (Tsui, 2018).

We are happy to see that MOR’s long-standing mission is aligned well with the new government policy for academic evaluation. We invite management scholars in China to see MOR as an appropriate outlet for their best China-focused research, and hope that together we can realize the mission of MOR in this new research era.