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Special Issue Call for Papers: Registered Reports at NCMR

Negotiation and Conflict Management Research (NCMR)

Dear colleagues, 

We invite papers for a special issue on Registered Reports at Negotiation and Conflict Management Research (NCMR). Registered Reports help researchers publish articles in which the methods and analyses are pre-registered and reviewed before any data has been collected. Registered reports facilitate Open Science (Chambers & Tzavella, 2022), because they can help address some of the incentives (Nosek & Lakens, 2014) that lead to questionable research practices (de Vrieze, 2021; Gopalakrishna et al., 2022). 

Registered Reports offer substantial benefits to individual researchers: Researchers can receive an in in-principle acceptance by submitting an introduction and methods section of a full paper. Researchers can then focus on identifying relevant research problems and questions, develop theory, and design studies – before collecting any data. 

Research Topics Considered

We welcome submissions that develop theory and report empirical research on negotiation and conflict management at multiple levels, including interpersonal, intergroup, organizational, societal, and international. Specific topics may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • conflict management, 
  • negotiation,
  • third-party interventions,
  • specific contexts, such as: environmental conflict, crisis negotiations, political conflict, and any other settings in which disagreement may arise,
  • related topics.

Research Methods Considered

NCMR welcomes registered reports for submissions proposing to collect new data and is particularly open to meta-analyses. NCMR does not accept Registered Reports for qualitative studies. If you have any questions about whether your article is suitable for publication in this special issue, please contact us (see below for contact information).

Guidelines for Registered reports at NCMR

Please see the NCMR Registered Reports Guidelines for details on how to publish Registered Reports at NCMR here, under “Registered Reports”:

For additional information and advice on Registered Reports, please consider the following resources:

Manuscript submission information

  • Editor of the special issue: Martin Schweinsberg (ESMT Berlin, Associate Editor for registered reports at NCMR)
  • Deadline: Please submit your Registered Report proposal before the 1st of December, 2023.
  • Submission: Registered reports should be submitted through the NCMR submission system at Your cover letter should mention that you want to submit to the special issue on Registered Reports. 

Further information

Please do not hesitate to contact Martin Schweinsberg ( if you have any other questions about this special issue. For technical questions related to the submission process, please contact our editorial assistant at


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