2014 Conference (June 18-22, 2014)

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Announcement of student grant award

After carefully reviewing the applications to the 2014 IACMR Conference student grant program, we are pleased to announce that about 100 students will be awarded either a travel grant or a grant for hotel accommodation. Basically overseas applicants are awarded travel grants while applicants from Mainland China (except Beijing) are awarded hotel accommodation grants. The grant is contingent upon the applicant’s registration and payment of his/her conference registration fees.  A letter to confirm the award will soon be with the applicants in a couple days.

2014 IACMR Conference


Notes and Instructions

The conference will offer up to 80 grants to graduate students to partially cover hotel charge and travel cost to attend the 2014 Conference of the International Association for Chinese Management Research in Beijing.


Award Criteria

Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis, and priority will be given to those who present paper or active volunteers in the conference, and those who are paid IACMR members (which can be obtained once you register and pay the conference fee). While registration for the Conference is not a pre-requisite to apply, only paid conference registrants are eligible to receive the grant once awarded.

All grant application forms should be received before February 28, 2014 and the awards will be announced by April 16, 2014.


Hotel Grant

We will give a grant of RMB 800 each to students living outside of Beijing. Eligible students will receive the grants on site at the conference with proof of passport ID.


Travel Grant
This grant is eligible for overseas students only with a maximum of RMB2,000 yuan depending on distance to Beijing. Eligible students will receive the grants (after deduction of local income tax) on site at the conference with proof of passport ID and the tickets to Mainland China.

Please direct any questions to iacmrbj@pku.edu.cn 

Application Closed!