Winner of the 2023 MOR/PUP Best Paper Award of Chinese Theory of Management

Chinese Bureaucracy Through Three Lenses: Weberian, Confucian, and Marchian
By Professor Xueguang Zhou
Zhou, X. (2021). Chinese Bureaucracy Through Three Lenses: Weberian, Confucian, and Marchian. Management and Organization Review, 17(4), 655-682. doi:10.1017/mor.2021.34

Nomination comments from the Award Committee:
“In this paper, Zhou develops an ambitious framework about Chinese bureaucracy that explains significant variance within the Chinese state and the top leadership in Chinese history. The theoretical framework integrates three lenses from Western and Eastern philosophies: Weberian, Confucian, and Marchian. These lenses reflect distinct imageries of organizations and capture different aspects of Chinese bureaucracy. A central theme is that these lenses are not separate or isolated from one another; rather, they are interlocking, mutually reinforcing, and inducing distinctive bureaucratic dynamics. Because Chinese businesses are heavily influenced by the government, Zhou’s theory about Chinese bureaucracy can greatly advance Chinese management research by offering a deep theoretical account of the dynamics within the Chinese state.” 

Award Committee
David Zhu (Chair)
Chao Chen
Yanjie Bian
Amy Ou 

Our sincere thanks to the Committee for their excellent work in evaluating the many great papers published in MOR in the past two years, and selecting this winning paper. 

Description of the Award:

To promote original theorizing to account for management phenomena that are relatively salient in China, Peking University Press (PUP) has set up the MOR/PUP Best Paper Award of Chinese Theory of Management. The award is intended to especially encourage research on “Indigenous Chinese theory of management”. It is important for Chinese management researchers to be innovative in their theoretical analysis. The award aims to recognize the best paper published in MOR that addresses new research questions, identifies new concepts, and/or develop new theories from the “Chinese theory of management” perspective. The winning paper is selected from the articles published in MOR in the past two years.