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Table of Contents Volume 19 – Issue 2

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor 


Group Polarization in Board Decisions about Strategic Change: Evidence from Chinese Publicly Listed Companies (2008–2018)
Ming ZhangXufei MaWeihong ChenHailin Lan

Chinese Firms’ Acquisition of Innovation Capability from Overseas: Approaches by State- versus Private-Owned Firms
Majid GhorbaniZhenzhen XieJun JinFengbin Wang

Board Interlock Tenure and Firm Internationalization
Ziyan ZhuZiliang Deng

The Roles of Supply Networks and Board Interlocks in Firms’ Technological Entry and Exit: Evidence from the Chinese Automotive Industry
Rick AalbersRongkang Ma

Too Much of a Good Thing: Downsides of a Large Social Network and Moderating Effects of Political Skill
Yi ChenWai Fong BohSze-Sze WongJun Shao

Family Influence and Environmental Proactiveness of Family Firms in China: A Mixed Gamble Perspective
Bin LiuGongming QianKevin Yuk-fai Au

Containment Measures and Business Confidence in COVID Times: A Global Study
Paula MargareticDiego FinchelsteinAgustín Sotelo