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Table of Contents Volume 19 – Issue 3

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor


Functional Knowledge versus Strategic Knowledge: What Type of Knowledge Matters Most for the Long-Term Performance of Startups
Hong Jiang, Johann Peter Murmann

The Tradeoff Between Private Equity Sponsorship, Board Centrality, and Experience as Credible Signals for IPO Performance
Charles Kirschbaum, Luciano Rossoni, Andrea Minardi, Emília Borges da Silva

Exploration–Exploitation Duality with Both Tradeoff and Synergy: The Curvilinear Interaction Effects of Learning Modes on Innovation Types
Peter Ping Li, Heng Liu, Yuan Li, Haifeng Wang

Open Innovation in Ecuadorian SMEs: The Importance of Strategy and the Moderating Effect of Control
Antonia Madrid-Guijarro, Ana Carolina Garcés-Torres

Why and When Narcissistic Employees Are More Creative in the Workplace? A Social Cognitive Perspective
Yi-Xuan Zhao, Kong Zhou, Wen-Xing Liu

Choosing Beyond Compliance Over Dormancy: Corporate Response to India’s Mandatory CSR Expenditure Law
Shalini Jain, Naman Desai, Viswanath Pingali, Arindam Tripathy