2006 IACMR Nanjing Conference

List of Winners, 2006 Second Biennial Conference, Nanjing, PRC.
Distinguished Contribution Award

Gordon Redding, INSEAD

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Scholarly Contribution Award

Mike W. Peng, University of Texas at Dallas

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Distinguished Executive Award

Captain Jia-Fu Wei, Cosco Group

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Best Conference Macro Paper Award
Chi-Nien Chung, National University of Singapore and Xiaowei Luo, University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign
for “Human agents, contexts and institutional change: The decline of family in the leadership of Taiwanese business groups”

Best Conference Micro Paper Award
Raymond A Friedman, Wu Liu, Vanderbilt University, Chao C Chen, Rutgers University and Shu-Cheng Chi,National Taiwan University
for “Causal attribution for inter-firm contract violation: A comparative study of Chinese and American commercial arbitrators”

Best Student Paper Award
Xiang-Yu Gao, Xian Jiaotong University

for “Guanxi quality and the effectiveness of knowledge transfer: An interpersonal trust perspective”

Awards Committee Members,  2006 Conference, Nanjing, PRC.
* Rosalie L. Tung, Simon Fraser University (Chair)
* Max Boisot, The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
* Don Hambrick, Pennsylvania State University
* C. M. Lau, Chinese University of Hong Kong
* Nan Lin, Duke University
* Fred Luthans, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
* Peter Smith, University of Sussex