2018 IACMR Wuhan Conference

2018 IACMR Awards

A. Distinguished Scholarly Contribution Award 

Oded Shenkar, Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University 

MOR/PUP Best Paper Award of Chinese Theory of Management 

Chen, C., Chen, X., & Huang, S. (2013). Chinese Guanxi: An Integrative Review and New Directions for Future Research. 9(1), 167-207.

B. Best Conference Paper Awards 

i. Conference Theme Best Paper Award

Antecedents of Chinese New-to-the-World Innovations: Evidence from International Patent Statistics Zhijing Zhu, The University of Nottingham Ningbo China; Johann Murmann, The University of New South Wales

ii. Best Conference Macro Paper Award
Women Hold Up Half the Sky? The Enduring Gender Gap in the Performance of Chinese Privately Owned Ventures
Eric Yanfei Zhao, Indiana University

iii. Best Conference Micro Paper Award:
Follow the Leader? Initial and Longer-Term Effects of Mid-Level Leader Succession on Unit-Level Turnover Rates
Huisi (Jessica) Li, Cornell University; John Hausknecht, Cornell University; Lisa Dragoni, Wake Forest University

iv. Best Student Paper Award
共享型领导对团队创造力的影响机制 ——交互记忆系统的中介效应及团队目标导向的调节作用

C. Kwok Leung Dissertation Grant

Women in Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities
Mengzi Jin, Singapore Management University

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: A Political Perspective
Qi Li, Cornell University

Knowledge Translation across Boundaries: Converting Scholarly Knowledge to Research Highlights for Management Practitioners
Yi Ren, Boston College

How should I speak up in facilitating leader endorsement? Examining a Dual-Path Model
Rui Shu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Wait, I thought you hated me: A dyad-level investigation of conflict asymmetry
Zhenyu Yuan, University of Iowa

D. 2017 IACMR/Emerald China Doctoral-Research Publication Awards

Two Winning Articles:

  1. “Family Involvement in Middle Management and Its Impact on the Labor Productivity of Family Firms” in Management and Organization Review, doi: 10.1017/mor.2018.5 Authors: Qiongjing Hu, Yanlong Zhang, and Jingjing Yao.  
    Quiongjing Hu (胡琼晶) is a student at Peking University.
  2. “Do emerging countries prefer local knowledge or distant knowledge? Spillover effect of university collaborations on local firms” in Research Policy 46(7), 1299-1311 
    Authors: Shumin Qiu, Xielin Liu, Taishan Gao  
    Shumin Qiu (邱姝敏) is a student at Tsinghua University. 

Three Highly Commended Articles

1. “How Do Leaders React When Treated Unfairly? Leader Narcissism and Self-Interested Behavior in Response to Unfair Treatment” in Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(11), 1590-1599Authors: Haiyang Liu, Jack Ting-Ju Chiang, Ryan Fehr, Minya Xu, Siting Wang  
Haiyang Liu (刘海洋) is a student at Peking University. 

2. “When Online Reviews Meet Sales Volume Information: Is More or Accurate Information Always Better?” in Information Systems Research, 28(4), 723-743
Authors: Yang Liu, Juan Feng, Xiuwu Liao  
Yang Liu (刘洋) is a student at Xi’an Jiaotong University.  

3. “Selection of risk response actions with consideration of secondary risks” in International Journal of Project Management, 36(2), 241-254
Authors: Fei Zuo, Kailing Zhang
Fei Zuo (佐飞) is a student at Shenyang Aerospace University.