2021 Conference (June 16-20,2021)

2021 Teaching and Learning Conference Workshops

Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC@IACMR2021)

TLC@IACMR is a strategic initiative in response to the growing demands for top-quality management education in China and the associated teaching improvement needs of our members. TLC seeks to engage our members on the theory and practice of teaching, bridge the gap between teaching and research, and support their development as first class teachers and educators.

TLC@IACMR 2021 Conference will be held on June 16 in conjunction with the IACMR Biennial Conference.

Registration and Fee
Pre-registration is required for all TLC workshops, TLC@IACMR 2021 is only open to IN-PERSION participants. The cost to register for this session is RMB 200 (or USD$35.00). Please note you will be required to pay USD if you sign up on the English website and pay RMB if you do on the Chinese website. This is in addition to the registration fee of IACMR conference. The TLC conference fee will include participation in the one-day session, teaching resource materials, a lunch and tea break.  There are limited seats for this session and enrollment is based on the rule of ‘first come first served’. Please register as early as possible (Click here for RMB and USD registration). The registration deadline is June 5.

TLC@IACMR2021 Schedule (Session PC 1A-1E)

Session PC 1A
Keynote Speech: Learning to Become an Inclusive Teacher
Time: 9: 00-10: 00 
Speaker: Andy Van de Ven, University of Minnesota
Language: English
Mode: Hybrid

(Session PC 1B-1E, Pre-registered participants only) 

Session PC 1B
Time: 10: 15-12: 15
Language: Chinese
Mode: Speaker (online), Attendee (in-person)

Parallel Sessions (I) 
Theme: 认知与情感: “讲故事”的艺术与管理教学 
Speaker: Jia-Lin Xie, University of Toronto

Parallel Sessions (II) 
Theme (1): 如何扮演多重角色而激情不减 
Speaker: Xiao-Ping Chen, University of Washington
Theme (2):  我对教师角色的理解 
Speaker: Yuhchang Hwang, CEIBS

Session PC 1C
Time: 13: 30-14: 30
Language: Chinese
Mode: In-person

Parallel Sessions (I)
Theme:  一个管理学教授挂职副市长的实践与启示
Speaker: Yanping Li, Wuhan University

Parallel Sessions (II)
Theme: 战略管理教学线上线下Mode的探索与教训
Speaker: Jinyun Sun, Fudan University

Parallel Sessions (III)
Theme: 参与式教学的理念和方法
Speaker: Zhi-Xue Zhang, Peking University

Session PC 1D
Time: 14: 45-15: 45
Language: Chinese
Mode: In-person

Parallel Sessions (I)
Theme: 管理教学中视频材料的开发与使用
Speaker: Ningyu Tang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Parallel Sessions (II)
Theme1: 入乎其中  出乎其外: 中欧得大奖、最热门案例分析  (Neng Liang)
Theme2: 三生三世 十里芳菲: 从最佳案例到高管训战营的探索  (Weiru Chen)
Speaker: Neng Liang, Weiru Chen, CEIBS

Parallel Sessions (III) (衔接上时段内容)
Theme: 参与式教学的理念和方法
Speaker: Zhi-Xue Zhang, Peking University

Session PC 1E
Time: 16: 00-17: 00; 
Language: Chinese

Roundtable Session
Host: Xuhong Li, Fudan University
Guest: Yanping Li、Neng Liang、Jinyun Sun、Ningyu Tang、Zhi-Xue Zhang