2023 Conference (June 14-18, 2023)

2023 IACMR Conference – Call for PDW Proposals

Submission Deadline: Noon 12:00, November 21, 2022, Hong Kong Time

The 10th IACMR biennial meeting will take place in Hong Kong, China, next June, hosted by School of Business, Hong Kong Baptist University. Thanks to the great support of IACMR members, we have received over 810 submissions of papers and symposium proposals by the deadline of Oct. 23! The Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) that will be held on the last day of the conference, June 18, 2023, still open for proposal submissions, and the deadline is Noon 12:00, November 21, 2022, Hong Kong Time. 

PDWs provide a forum for researchers to explore a common topic. Their goals are educational and informational and are generally conducted in an interactive and participative format. PDWs are NOT a forum for several standard paper presentations on a common theme- such sessions are part of the scholarly paper program. We are open to proposals that focus on contemporary issues relating to Chinese management research, research methods (e.g., how to conduct quantitative and qualitative research), and professional development topics (e.g., how to help junior faculty in conducting and publishing high-impact research or career development issues). Proposals for workshops dealing with teaching methods and contents are encouraged. Creative and novel proposals are particularly encouraged.

Proposal includes:

· Title of the workshop
· Full name and contact information of the chair or organizer, indicated with an asterisk (*) by the chair/organizer’s name, and all presenters, including affiliation, title (e.g., Associate Professor), address, phone number, fax number, and email
· Goal of the workshop (i.e., learning objectives)
· Content of the workshop
· Intended participants and admission criteria for the participants
· Time requirement of the workshop

PDW organizers must submit the proposals to the PDW track of the conference system. Alternatively, you may click ‘Profile Home‘ after logging into your IACMR account, then ‘PDW Submissions’ among a few options on the page and follow the submission instructions. 

For questions about the Call for PDW Proposals, please contact Professor Heli Wang, at hlwang@smu.edu.sg. Questions about the IACMR and the 2023 Conference may be directed to iacmrbj@pku.edu.cn or iacmrmembership@pku.edu.cn