2021 Conference (June 16-20,2021)

A Special Call for Submissions on the COVID-19 Outbreak and Management for the IACMR 2020 Biennial Conference (June 17-21, 2020, Xi’an)

Submission Deadline: midnight March, 31, 2020, Beijing Time

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) originated from Wuhan has quickly spread out all over China as well as into many other countries, such as Singapore, Japan and U.S.A.  It is expected that this outbreak will have a larger impact on the world economy, particularly China’s economy, than the epidemic of SARS in 2003. While the healthcare systems in the world scramble to combat this emergency, businesses, such as tourism, hospitality, airline, and restaurant, are hit hard with immediate impact. Many other businesses, particularly manufacturing, struggle to get back to their normal operation due to the strict cordoning-off policies implemented in many cities in China. For those firms in operation, how to ensure the safety for employees and provide needed support in this difficult time are also huge challenges.

IACMR holds responsible scholarship as one of its core values. It is stated that “IACMR encourages its members to contribute to the well-being of the Chinese society and the global community through engaged and socially responsible scholarship in management.” Given the urgency and the scale of the impact by COVID-19 outbreak on China and the world, we believe this is the right moment for management scholars to practice the responsible scholarship and contribute to the society.

Thus we put together this special call for proposals on the COVID-19 outbreak and management for the IACMR 2020 Biennial Conference. The goal of the special session is to provide a forum for scholars to share management insights on the COVID-19 outbreak.

Examples of topics suitable for this session include:

How to build effective disease outbreak response system

How to manage hospitals and clinics in responding to the outbreak

The impacts of the outbreak upon firms especially SMEs

Firm’s business strategies during and after the outbreak

Employees’ risk perception and wellbeing during the outbreak

How the company can support employees during the critical time

How to help employees to recover from traumatic experience

How to facilitate virtual work from home

Social entrepreneurship in responding to the outbreak

We encourage scholars from both micro and macro management fields to participate. Similar to the general call for submission for the whole conference, we accept studies using various methodologies including survey research, archival data analysis, experimental studies, case studies, qualitative methods, and other creative methods.

Important Reminders to All Submitters

Academic Ethics. The IACMR is a nonprofit voluntary association whose operation, growth, and pursuit of excellence depend on cooperation, involvement, and dedication from all members. All forms of academic dishonesty are prohibited, including plagiarism and impropriety with data collection or analyses. Academic ethics also include professionalism in conference participation. Members should honor all professional commitments by presenting accepted papers in the oral presentation session and by fulfilling scheduled roles as chairs, discussants, or panel members. If a member must miss a scheduled meeting because of unforeseen circumstances, the member must contact the relevant program or track chair and make alternative arrangements. All responsibilities and obligations should be performed in a timely, diligent and sensitive manner. Failure to do so violates the general standards of professionalism and disrespects the many authors, reviewers, organizers, volunteers, and attendees. All authors must commit to upholding IACMR’s high ethical standards through professional and ethical research, reports, and conference presentations. Please see http://www.iacmr.org/ for the full statement on the “IACMR Commitment to Excellence.”

Languages of Presentation. We will open one English session and one Chinese session in the format of paper presentation. Authors should NOT submit the same paper or papers with major content overlap as if they were different papers simply because they are written in different languages. Authors must choose whether to submit a paper to the English or the Chinese session, but not to both. Submissions that violate this rule will NOT be reviewed.

Submission Limitation. The IACMR submission limitation rule for the whole conference is 3+3+2. Submission to this special session will not counted in for above limitations. However, each author (either as a single author or as a coauthor) may submit only one submission to the English session and one to the Chinese session.

Submission guidelines 

Submission Procedures. We accept electronic submissions only. The deadline for submission is midnight March, 31, 2020, Beijing Time. Please send your submissions directly to emails of special call organizers. To ensure that your submissions are received and reviewed, read the following guidelines carefully and submit as EARLY as possible. Last-minute submissions often cause mistakes and cause authors to overlook important information regarding the process.

Acknowledgement of Receipt. Corresponding authors will receive email confirmations that we have received the submissions.

Review and Notification. Papers submitted to this special call will be double-blind reviewed. Reviewers will evaluate each paper for research quality, contribution to the field of Chinese management, practical significance, and general interest to IACMR members. Authors will be notified of acceptances or rejections by April 7, 2020.

Session Format. The format of the session will be presentation of papers. We seek original papers that address COVID-19 outbreak and relevant management issues, from all disciplinary areas of organization and management. Originality means that the paper has not been presented at any other conferences or published in any academic journals or books, even if those other outlets are in different languages.  Once accepted, the list of authors for any paper shall NOT be changed for the conference presentation and/or conference proceedings.

Each paper presentation will be about 20 minutes, with 15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A.

Paper Preparation and Submission

· The entire paper must include:

· Abstract Page

· Main Text

· Figures (if any)

· Tables (if any)

· References

2. Papers must be written in English and follow the current style, including references format, of the official journal of IACMR, Management and Organization Review.

3. Use Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, with 1-inch (2.5cm) margins all around for the text, including headers and footnotes. The maximum length for the paper is 35 pages including all tables, figures, notes, and references.

4. Please submit the abstract with author information and full paper without author information as two separate PDF files. To facilitate the blind review process, remove ALL author-identifying information, including acknowledgements, from the text. Check that the paper prints correctly (i.e., all imported figures and tables appear properly) and ensure that the file is virus-free.

Special session organizers:

Zhaoli Song, National University of Singapore



Wu Liu, Hong Kong Polytech University



2020 Conference Program Chair

Runtian Jing, Shanghai Jiaotong University