About Us

Executive Advisory Committee

The mission of the IACMR Executive Advisory Committee (EAC) is to promote relevant research that would advance management practices.

The key goals of the EAC include:

  1. Provide advice and suggestions on important management problems deserving research attention.
  2. Encourage and promote the development of management research and practice.
  3. Participate and support research exchange between research scholars and practicing executives.

Weiying Zhang, Peking University (Chair)
Dongsheng Chen, Chairman & CEO, Taikang Life Insurance
Hongbo Fang, Chairman & CEO, Midea
Lun Feng, Chairman, Vantone
Yuning Fu, Chairman, China Merchants Group
Fansheng Guo, Chairman, HuiCong Group
Ning Li, Chairman, Li Ning Company
Chuanzhi Liu, Chairman, Legend Holdings
Jiren Liu, Chairman & CEO, Neusoft Corporation (2011 EAC Executive Chairman)
Jack Ma, Chairman and CEO, Alibaba.com
Frank Ning, Chairman, COFCO
Zhiqiang Ren, Chairman, Hua Yuan Real Estate
Haifeng Xu, Vice General Manager, Director, Beijing-Shanghai High Sped Rail Inc.
Lejiang Xu, Chairman, Baosteel Group
Zhiyong Zhang, CEO, Li Ning Company
Kenneth Tse, University of Hong Kong
Shuming Zhao, Nanjing University (ex officio member)
Anne S. Tsui (ex officio member)
Michael A. Hitt (ex officio member)