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Approval of Using Informational Deception 赞同使用信息型欺骗

Volume 11, Issue 1

Trust and Deception in Negotiation: Culturally Divergent Effects


Jian-Dong Zhang (张建东), Leigh Anne Liu (劉黎安), Wu Liu (刘武)

Scale Name (English): approval of using informational deception

量表名称(中文): 赞同使用信息型欺骗

Reference source of the original English scale (if applicable): Fulmer, I. S., Barry, B., & Long, A. 2009. Lying and smiling: Informational and emotional deception in negotiation. Journal of Business Ethics, 88(4): 691–709.

Scale Instructions(量表说明): The scale measured the behavioral judgement of the participants, rather than real behaviors.

Item contents(条目内容):

1. 为了强化我的论点或立场,向对手提供虚假信息。

2. 为了保护谈判已经取得的成果,故意向我的公司隐瞒一些真相。

3. 拒绝承认对手信息的有效性,从而避免对手用此信息来削弱我的谈判地位,即使这个信息是真实和有效的。

4. 为了自己的谈判地位更强,向自己的公司隐瞒


Scale Reliability(量表信度): α = 0.86