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Approval of Using Negative Emotional Deception 赞同使用负面情绪型欺骗

Volume 11, Issue 1

Trust and Deception in Negotiation: Culturally Divergent Effects


Jian-Dong Zhang (张建东), Leigh Anne Liu (劉黎安), Wu Liu (刘武)

Scale Name (English): approval of using negative emotional deception

量表名称(中文): 赞同使用负面情绪型欺骗

Reference source of the original English scale (if applicable): Fulmer, I. S., Barry, B., & Long, A. 2009. Lying and smiling: Informational and emotional deception in negotiation. Journal of Business Ethics, 88(4): 691–709.

Scale Instructions(量表说明):The scale measured the behavioral judgement of the participants, rather than real behaviors.

Item contents (条目内容):

1. 装出对对方感到厌烦的样子,好让对方认为我正在对谈判失去兴趣。

2. 装出沮丧的样子,好让对方认为我的心情不好。

3. 在某些情况下我并不是真的生气,但是出于策略考虑,我会向对方表现出生气的样子。

4. 装作厌恶对方的某些评论。

5. 给对方造成一个假象,让他/她认为我对谈判的进展感到非常失望。

6. 装出对对手非常愤怒的样子。

7. 装出害怕的样子,好让对方认为我对谈判感到紧张。

Scale Reliability(量表信度): α = 0.72