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Bimonthly Briefing Jan.~ Feb. 2015

Outline –    IACMR 2014 Annual Review

–    IACMR WeChat Public Number

–    News from Executive Committee Meetings

–    Letter from MOR Editor-in-Chie

–    Management Insights (Jan. 2015)

–    Announcement about Termination of Li Ning Dissertation Grant

–    Publication of Anne Tsui’s Articles

–    Members’ Profiling

–    Job Vacancies


 –  IACMR 2014 Annual Review

The IACMR 2014 annual review is available online. It is a summary of IACMR development and progresses in 2014. You can find more information here.

–  IACMR WeChat Public Number

    IACMR WeChat Public Number “IACMR 2002” continues publishing updates about IACMR conferences, workshops, publications (mainly in Chinese) and the abstracts of MOR (in both English and Chinese) to keep in touch and interaction with our members. Till the end of January 2015, over 1060 people have subscribed to ‘IACMR2002’. Your inputs are welcomed. Please send email to if you have any suggestions and ideas. You can scan this Quick Response code to subscribe to our regular postings.

–  News from Executive Committee Meetings
As usual, the Executive Committee had the monthly meeting in December 2014 and January 2015. Here are the key issues discussed and decided.

1. 2016 Biennial Conference:
It’s decided to set three awards in addition to best paper awards: the Lifetime Contribution Award, the Distinguished Executive Award and Distinguished Scholarly Contribution Award. Prof. Neng Liang, President Elect, is forming the 7-member award committees.

2. 2015 Research Method Workshop:
The personalized invitations were sent by email to over 200 business/management school deans across China. The proposal submission deadline was extended to March 15, 2015 at the request of many applicants.

3. 2018 Biennial Conference: a possible conference site was discussed. It’s planned that the President and Executive Director will make a visit to the potential conference site to have a field check in the spring.

4. After comparison of quotations of three IT companies, Global Well Ltd., a Hong Kong based professional IT service provider, was chosen to design and revamp the IACMR website.

5. IACMR Online Job Posting Policy: the packages were discussed and rates decided to have a consistent policy toward schools and headhunters about posting the job advertisements at our website. For details of the policy, please click here.

6. The 2014 financial statements of the association’s U.S. and China accounts were reviewed. Currently the association is running financially sound.

7. The EC decision making procedure has been discussed and approved.

8. For IACMR meetings at 2015 AoM conference, the EC decided to change the name of business meeting and reception to “IACMR Highlights, Distinguished Speakers, and Reception”. EC will reach out distinguished practitioners or organize a research panel for a change.

9. The 2015 new officer election is to kick off soon. The Nomination and Election Committee has been formed, including all the past presidents and the president. The call for nominations will be released soon.

 –  Letter from MOR Editor-in-Chief

Click here for full text.

–  Announcement about Termination of Li Ning Dissertation Grant
The Li Ning Dissertation Grant, sponsored by Li Ning Company for a period of 5 years (2010 – 2014), was established to encourage doctoral students to conduct the dissertation research that borrows existing theories, with appropriate contextualization, to analyze Chinese management phenomena, as well as develops context-specific theories to explain unique Chinese management phenomena.

The Li Ning Dissertation Grant has sponsored 51 doctoral students in their research in the past five years. Among them, 25 students won the first prize of the Grant with RMB10,000 each and 26 students won the 2nd prizes with RMB5,000 each.

Now we have to regretfully announce that the five-year sponsorship for the dissertation grant from Lining Company ended in 2014. We would like to express our sincerely appreciation to Li Ning Company for their generous support to Chinese management research.

–  Anne Tsui: The Spirit of Science and Socially Responsible Scholarship
The Chinese version of the MOR editorial (Vol. 10-3) by Prof. Anne S. Tsui, “The Spirit of Science and Socially Responsible Scholarship” was published in the 1st issue of Management World. Please click here for the Chinese version of the article in PDF format.

The article ‘Reconnecting the business world – Socially Responsible Scholarship ‘ was launched at the brand new Global Focus site of EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development). By “Socially Responsible Scholarship”, Anne S Tsui suggests how business school scholars can overcome the growing criticism of irrelevant and self-serving research.

   Management Insights (Jan. 2015)
The online version of Management Insights is available. Please click here to read the article:
Research Highlights: Emerging Market Multinationals Should Delegate More to Their Foreign Subsidiaries.

–  Members’ Profiling
    The latest “Members’ Profiling” introduces Prof. Xunjun Zhang from Guizhou University of Finance & Economics. He is also a coordinator of IACMR Local Chapter at Guiyang. Please click here for detail information about Prof. Zhang.

–  Job Vacancies
    1. School/ University: The School of Management, the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)
Positions: Assistant, Associate, and Full Professors
Contacts: Yanmei Li, Email:, Tel: +86 551 63601732
Please click here for detail information.

2. Editorship Opportunity: Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management (JCHRM)
Positions: Editor or Co-Editors of the Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management with a view to taking over the full role of Editor in May 2015
Deadline: March 13th 2015
Contacts: Zoe Sanders, Publisher – Human Resource Management, Learning and Organization Studies, Email:,Tel: +44 (0)1274785262
Please click here for details.

If you need to post job vacancies, please write to us at We can post job vacancies online and include them in the Bimonthly Briefing which is distributed to all the IACMR membership. Please find our Job Posting Policy here.

 –  Your Input Welcomed
    Your contributions are also welcomed. You can send us news about members’ activities, research information, feedback about IACMR, information from management field, etc. to Submission deadline is 10th of every even-month.