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Bimonthly Briefing – October 2014


      – Executive Committee monthly meeting: key issues discussed

      – 2015 Research Method Workshop

      – 2016 Biennial Conference Progress

      – Academic Advisory Committee

      – 2014 Conference Presidential Speech

      – Updates on MOR

      – Book: Management Education for the World

      – Staff Joining: Qian Han

      – Newly published books by PUP

Executive Committee monthly meeting

At the suggestion of President, the Executive Committee holds an online meeting every month to update recent development and discuss/decide on key issues. At the September meeting, the following key issues were discussed:

      – to invest to improve the official website to be more user friendly and efficient;

      – to confirm with the local host of the 2015 research method workshop about the budget; to invite the faculty members of the workshop;

      – to prepare for the 2016 conference: keynote panels and other key forums; conference award; next phase of tasks;

      – it was decided to lower the frequency of IACMR news briefing from a monthly basis to once in two months, i.e. to replace the Monthly Briefing with the Bimonthly Briefing;

      – to approve hiring of a new staff member

2015 Research Method Workshop

To respond to the Request for Proposals from IACMR, the College of Management and Economics, Tianjin University, has submitted the proposal to confirm to run the 2015 IACMR workshop along with the assistance from co-sponsoring universities in Tianjin and nearby cities. Prof. Wei Zhang, Dean of the College will take the lead as the Director of the local arrangement committee and Prof. Minqiang Li, Associate Dean of the College, will be the Executive Director of the local arrangement committee. The College will be responsible for local arrangements and the related fund raising for the workshop to support young scholars to acquire the advanced research methodology from the experienced professors in the relevant fields.

Currently the faculty is being invited and six professors have confirmed to serve on the workshop. The Call for Applications will be announced next month. Please keep your kind attention if you are interested in attending the workshop.

2016 Biennial Conference Updates

      – 2016 Hangzhou Conference hotel: an initial agreement has been reached with the Dragon Hotel in Hangzhou. The local host, the School of Management of Zhejiang University, will follow up with the hotel about the capacity need and budgeting.

      – Keynote panels for 2016 conference: there will be micro and macro panel sessions running opposite each other, theme-focused session, Chinese Forum and Dean’s form. Additionally an Executive Forum is being considered. Each panel chair is being identified.

      – Distinguished Scholarly Contribution Award and other awards were discussed at the EC meeting and are being considered.

      – The Program Committee is nearly formed with 50 English Program Committee members and 40 China Forum Committee members.

      – The Call for Submissions will be announced within this month with the theme of ‘Culture and Chinese Management’;

      – The local host is inviting schools to form the Local Arrangement Committee (LAC) to jointly support the conference.

Academic Advisory Committee 

The Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) includes at least twelve distinguished scholars from various constituencies, appointed by the IACMR President in consultation with the Executive Committee, to provide guidance concerning issues affecting IACMR. The AAC was established in 2004 with a group of very distinguished scholars on China. It provides advice on future direction of IACMR and also helps with identifying the “Distinguished Scholarly Contribution Award” winners and keynote speakers for IACMR biennial conferences.

The current chair is Professor Yuan Li, Dean of Antai College of Economics & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Every other year, the Distinguished Scholarly Contribution Award winners and the chairs of the IACMR conference LAC are invited to join the Committee. The 2014 “Distinguished Scholarly Contribution Award” winners, Prof. Yadong Luo from Miami University and Prof. Xueguang Zhou from Stanford University have accepted to join the AAC together with Prof. Jiye Mao, the 2014 Conference LAC Executive Chair and Dean of Remin Business School.

2014 Conference Presidential Speech 

The Presidential Speech at the 2014 conference was made by Prof. Chao Chuan Chen during the welcome and award lunch. Either you did not attend the 2014 conference or you missed the speech during the conference, here is a chance to read this wonderful scholarly speech script titled ‘Professionalism and Professionalization of Chinese Management Scholarship’.


Updates on MOR

MOR 10.3

      The November 2014 issue of MOR (Volume 10, Issue 3) features a special  forum on John Child’s contributions to Chinese management research. The forum includes an article by John Child and co-author Svetla Marinova, followed by commentaries from Joseph L. C. Cheng, (Forum guest editor), Klaus E. Meyer, Johann Peter Murmann, Kwok Leung, and Gordon Redding. The issue also includes two regular articles on the topics the role of learning in Chinese FDI and the effects of co-opetition. We hope you enjoy reading this issue’s interesting and important articles!

MOR’s Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Research Outreach

We are pleased to announce that Sheen S. Levine (University of Texas at Dallas) has accepted a new role as Deputy Editor-in-Chief for Research Outreach to enhance MOR’s social media presence. Sheen will work closely with Cambridge University Press to increase awareness of the interesting and path breaking research being published in MOR.

Book: Management Education for the World

The book was first published in English in July 2013 and the Chinese version of the book was published by Peking University Press in June 2014, just before the 2014 IACMR Conference. With support from the China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee, 5 copies of the book have been sent to the leadership of all 250+ MBA schools across China.

Media coverage of the book

      China Business News has noticed the importance of the views in the book. In addition to the two sections published in August [‘reconnecting business to society’ (Part I – 2) on Aug. 1 and ‘management educators as custodians of society’ (Part I – 4) on Aug. 15], here are more sections published.

A vision of management education for the world (Part II-5)

      First published in China Business News on Aug. 29 and re-posted by,, money.163 (Netease), opinion.hexun, CNFOL (China Finance on line), YNET.

Towards a new type of business school (Part III-11)

      First published in China Business News on Oct. 10 and reposted by,,, edu.ifeng, finance.takungpao

Staff joining: Qian Han

      Qian Han joined IACMR on October 8, taking the post of Membership Services. She graduated from Maastricht School of Management with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and she also got Master’s Degree in Education in Hospitality Organization Training and Management from Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland. She had served in the Dean’s Office at the Business School of Nanjing University for more than 6 years before she joined IACMR.

      HAN Qian is primarily responsible for daily management of IACMR membership, maintaining and updating the membership database, communicating with membership at-large, and keeping track of membership development. She also assists Executive Director to organize conferences and workshops, as well as the daily operation of IACMR.

      Let’s welcome Qian to join the IACMR family! Please continue to provide your support to us in improving membership services.

Newly published books by PUP

New books published by Peking University Press (in Chinese):

1.       Business Strategy Management, 2nd Edition

       By Fei Xu, Dan Huang

2.    Innovation Management: Context, strategies, systems and processes (translated version)

       By Pervaiz K. Ahmed, Charlie Shepherd