Call for Best MOR Paper Nominations for Scholarly Impact Award, Practical Impact Award, and Most Influential Paper Award

Deadline: April 30, 2024

Dear IACMR members,

As you probably know, 2024 is the 20th anniversary of Management and Organization Review (MOR). To celebrate this important milestone, we will give awards to papers published in MOR in the past 20 years in three categories.  A committee in charge of these awards has been formed, with Wendong Li (CUHK) serving as Chair, and Minyuan Zhao (Washington U), Jun Xia (UT Dallas), and Jessie Zhan (Wilfried Laurie U) as committee members.  The committee has met and set up criteria for these awards and is happy to receive nominations from you.

All MOR papers can be found on the following weblink:

Please send your nominations to Wei Zhang at no later than April 30, 2024.

Scholarly Impact Award

  • Originality and Innovation: The paper introduces new theories, models, or frameworks; proposes novel concepts; or offers a fresh perspective on existing theories.
  • Rigor and Methodology: The research methodology is thorough, appropriate, and well-executed, enhancing the credibility of the findings.
  • Contribution to Knowledge: The paper significantly advances understanding in its field, filling important gaps in existing literature.
  • Citation Potential: The work is deemed likely to be highly cited by other scholars, reflecting its impact on the academic community.

Practical Impact Award

  • Applicability and Relevance: The research addresses a critical problem or challenge faced by practitioners, policymakers, or industry professionals, offering practical solutions or insights.
  • Impact on Practice: The paper has influenced or has the potential to influence practices, processes, or policies in its field, contributing to improvements or advancements.
  • Accessibility and Communication: The findings are communicated in a way that is accessible and useful to practitioners, not just academics.
  • Evidence of Real-World Application: There is tangible evidence or strong potential that the research findings have been or will be applied in practice.

Most Insightful Paper Award

  • Depth of Analysis: The paper delves deeply into a topic, offering thorough and nuanced exploration of the issues at hand.
  • Innovative Thinking: The work challenges conventional wisdom, questions prevailing assumptions, or brings to light overlooked aspects of a topic.
  • Theoretical and Empirical Integration: The paper skillfully integrates theoretical perspectives with empirical findings to offer rich, multifaceted insights.
  • Impactful Conclusions: The conclusions drawn are not only supported by the analysis but also offer significant implications for theory and practice.