2012 Conference (June 20-24, 2012)

Call for Nominations for Distinguished Scholarly Contribution Award – 2012 Hong Kong Conference

International Association for Chinese Management Research

Distinguished Scholarly Contribution Award

Call for Nominations

In recognition of IACMR’s mission, we confer awards for excellence in Chinese management research every two years.  These awards will be conferred at the 2012 IACMR Conference in Hong Kong, China.  In this call, we are seeking nominations for IACMR Distinguished Scholarly Contribution Award.

This award is for a senior scholar who has devoted much of his/her career to the study of Chinese management and has made significant contributions to the field in theory, methodology or in explaining the workings of Chinese organizations or organizations in China.  This scholar has enhanced the visibility of the Chinese management research in the global research community, advanced the field, and blazed a path for future researchers.


All scholars are eligible for nomination.  IACMR membership is not required.  To avoid conflict of interest, members of the Distinguished Scholarly Contribution Award Committee are not eligible for the nomination.  Deserving committee members may be nominated in subsequent years.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations must include:

  1. A nomination letter specifying the nominee’s name, a brief statement on the contributions to the field of Chinese management, and reasons for the nominee to receive the award.
  2. The nominee’s full curriculum vitae with all basic information on the first page, including name, position, university and publications.
  3. The nominator should seek the agreement of the nominee for the nomination.  The nominee must attend the meeting to receive the award if selected.

All nominations must be submitted electronically to IACMR Coordinator Red Ng (iacmr@asu.edu) by December 30, 2011. Please go to the Awards page of the IACMR website: www.iacmr.org for past winners of the award.

Committee Members of Distinguished Scholarly Contribution

  • Chao C. Chen, Rutgers University (Co-chair)
  • Gordon Redding, INSEAD (Co-chair)
  • Ray Friedman, Vanderbilt University
  • Kwok Leung, City University of Hong Kong
  • Yuan Li, Shanghai Jiao University
  • Andrew Van De Ven, University of Minnesota