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Call for Proposals for Kwok Leung Memorial Dissertation Fund Grant 2019

Dear IACMR member,

The Kwok Leung Fund was created to commemorate the life and work of Professor Kwok Leung, and to continue his mission of supporting young scholars. The fund is intended to support Ph.D. students who need funds to collect data to finish their dissertations. An applicant may submit one proposal for funding consideration during each award cycle.

The fund is open to all doctoral students doing Chinese Management research. Research that is “Chinese” includes studies where data is collected from Chinese companies or Chinese individuals. Research that is “Management” includes micro OB, macro OB, and strategy. Chinese Management research includes (but is not limited to) Cross-Cultural Management research and Indigenous Chinese Management research.

Funding and Deliverables

Each year there will be a maximum of five awards of RMB10,000 yuan each. Support will be prioritized based on quality of the research proposal, financial need, and track record of accomplishment by the student. Winners will be announced by June 5, 2019. Please be reminded that once their dissertations are completed, award winners are expected to provide an executive summary of the research findings and a copy of the dissertation (with acknowledgement of the Kwok Leung Memorial Dissertation Fund).

Proposal Submission and Evaluation

Applicants must be active IACMR members (membership fee current). Applications should include:

• A one-page biography
• An abstract of the proposal
• The proposal itself (15 pages max., single spaced) with the following structure:

a) Theoretical background, research questions and expected contributions
b) Research method and data collection
c) Expected impact of the Dissertation Fund on the quality of the research
d) Research schedule
e) Detailed budget, including sources of support other than this dissertation fund
f) References

• A signed letter from a faculty advisor commenting on the author’s research potential and affirming that s/he is working on a dissertation proposal

We ask the proposals to be sent to the IACMR ( email account with the subject “Application for the Kwok Leung Memorial Dissertation Fund” by April 30, 2019.  The proposals will be forwarded to the Chairs of the IACMR Research Committee for assessment.

Thank you for your support!