2014 Conference (June 18-22, 2014)

Company Visit

Tsinghua x-lab
The visit to Tsinghua X-lab has been received very well and it’s now fully booked. Apologies for no more enrolment.

Tsinghua x-lab, initiated by Tsinghua School of Economics and Management was officially launched on April 25, 2013. The first 12 co-founding schools and departments within Tsinghua University as well as founding strategic partners (Tsinghua Entrepreneur & Executive Club, and Tsinghua Science Park) jointly signed a memorandum of collaboration.

Tsinghua x-lab is a university-based platform for creativity, innovation, and e ntrepreneurship education. The core mission of x-lab is to promote three “I’s”: Imagination, Innovation, and Implementation. Different from the traditional model of education, Tsinghua x-lab is more process-oriented with an emphasis on fostering student imagination, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and ability by emphasizing on experiential learning and inter-disciplinary collaboration.

Tsinghua x-lab has established partnerships with various domestic and foreign educational and social institutions as well as renowned corporations in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. Partners will provide active support in areas of Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Angels-in-Residence, curriculum development, workshops and seminars.

Tsinghua x-lab currently has four functional areas -learning, networking, activities, and incubation, and has built upon them a database of more than 200 projects. Tsinghua x-lab further classifies all projects into two programs, “Pilot Program” or “Accelerator Program,” and provides them with tailored support and mentorship.

At Tsinghua x-lab, students can advance understanding of their own academic fields and improve comprehensive entrepreneurial leadership skills. They are provided with opportunities to access and gain insight from entrepreneurial community leaders from inside and outside of Tsinghua University, and to experience the rich entrepreneurial culture and atmosphere that inspire their own potential for creativity and innovation. Students are also exposed to a variety of industries and entrepreneurial stages of progress, and receive professional advising from entrepreneurs, angels, and other professionals in residence in order to accelerate personal development and broaden social network.

Student teams can apply x-lab work space located in Tsinghua Science Park by submitting applications through x-lab website www.x-lab.tsinghua.edu.cn.

Time and Date: 2:00 – 4:00 pm, June 18. Please assemble at the C2 gate of the China National Convention Center at 12:00 pm. Due to the limitation of 40 attendees, we will follow the first come first serve policy.


–    Visit x-lab work space located in Tsinghua Science Park

–    Watch video of x-lab;

–    Project demonstration

–    Questions & answers

        –    Group photo taking

If you are interested in joining the visit to Tsinghua X-lab, please write to Prof. Lei Wang (wanglei@sem.tsinghua.edu.cn) with the info about your name, affiliation, faculty or student, mobile phone no. and email address.