Conference Awards General

In recognition of IACMR’s mission, we confer awards for excellence in Chinese management research. There are two categories of award, one is the Research Award and the other is the Best Conference Paper Award.

Research Awards

These awards are to honor those scholars who have made significant contributions to the advancement of Chinese management research in any discipline.

Distinguished Contribution Award
This award is for a senior scholar who has devoted much of his/her career to the study of Chinese management and has made significant contributions to the field in theory, methodology or in explaining the workings of Chinese organizations or organizations in China; that has advanced the field and blazed a path for future researchers; and that has enhanced the visibility of Chinese management research by impacting the broader research community.

Best Conference Paper Awards

The goal of this award is to recognize outstanding research papers being presented at the IACMR Conference. There are three awards under this category, Best Student Paper Award, Best Conference Macro Paper Award, and the Best Conference Micro Paper Award.

Conference Theme Best Paper Award

The Conference Theme Best Paper Award is an award recognizing a paper that best captures the theme of 2021 Conference“Cultivate Entrepreneurship in China”.

Best Student Paper Award
This award is given to a paper written by a student who is the sole author of the paper. Any topic is appropriate as long as the paper shows rigor in conceptualization and methods and contributes to new knowledge.

Best Conference Macro Paper Award
This award is given to a paper that deals with organizational level issues including strategy, structure, international management, multinational corporations, organizational growth and development, firm-environment relationships, or firm performance, etc.

Best Conference Micro Paper Award
This award is given to a paper that deals with individual and group level issues within the organizational setting, including topics such as leadership, motivation, conflict, group dynamics, individual attitudes and performance, as well as cross-cultural issues at the individual or group levels, etc.