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Eulogy | Gordon Redding

On 17 February 2024, Gordon Redding passed away after a brief but severe illness. He was 86 years old.

Gordon was a leading expert on culture and comparative institutional analysis, especially in the context of China and Southeast Asia. He published over a dozen books and 150 articles on these and related subjects. His latest research interest was the role of culture in societal progression of countries. His last book “Comparing Capitalisms for an Unknown Future: Societal Processes and Transformative Capacity” is published online by Cambridge University Press:

The book compares the workings and outcomes of two main societal stereotypes, the western free market democratic, and the Chinese party-state driven. 

His last commentary was published in 2023 in MOR:

Gordon spent much of his life in Asia. In particular, during his 24 years at the University of Hong Kong, he founded and directed the Business School, now the Faculty of Business and Economics. He also founded and directed the Poon Kam Kai Institute of Management at the University of Hong Kong in the field of executive education. Later positions included Director of the Euro-Asia Centre at INSEAD as well as Director of the Head Foundation, Singapore. He last was an Honorary Professor at King’s Business School, King’s College London.

Gordon is survived by his wife, Laura, and his three sons, Peter, Philip, and Thurstan.

May he rest in peace.