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Guanghua Leadership Institute 2012 Call for Research Proposals

Guanghua Leadership Institute

Guanghua School of Management

Peking University


Call for Research Proposals

Submission Deadline: October 1, 2012

Submit to:

Steering Committee:

Anne S. Tsui (chair), Changqi Wu, Dong Li, and Ping Tu

Overall Goal of the Institute

The Guanghua Leadership Institute, in collaboration with CISCO, is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of effective Chinese state and enterprise leaders. The Institute promotes knowledge creation and dissemination that foster sustainable innovation, leadership and globalization. This unique joint initiative has as its key goals (a) cultivating thought leadership through high-quality research, with an emphasis on indigenous research, and through creation of a platform for global knowledge exchange of replicable models and best practices; and (b) leveraging state-of-the-art technology to create a highly collaborative network environment that blends Chinese culture and Western ideas. The research function of the Institute is to work toward achieving the above goals by supporting research that will reveal effective and progressive leadership practices within the Chinese context.

Areas of Focus in the Phase III Research Program

GLI has funded two rounds of research from 2008 to 2011. In this third round of Call for Research Proposals, we are seeking research proposals in the following specific areas:

  1. Business and management in the internet age.
  2. Chinese family business firm development and transition.
  3. Coroporate governance of public and private firms in China.
  4. Innovation and creativity in Chinese firm.

We welcome proposals that focus on important empirical phenmena or puzzles. We encourage phenomenon-based over theory or literature-based research. Studies that reveal new insights that depart from the extant knowledge in the literature will be particularly valuable. We seek research that aim to analyze unusual management practices, identifying innovative ideas using innovative research methods.

Type of Proposals, Applicant Qualifications, and Language of Proposal

  1. Research proposals by tenure-track faculty members in the Guanghua School of Management. The Guanghua faculty should be the Principal Investigators who will be the holder of the research grant. We encourage international scholars as collaborators who have known expertise on the proposed research topicand with demonstrable record of publishing in high-quality journals.
  2. Dissertation proposals by students who are in the third or fourth year of their Master-Doctoral program or first or second year studens who are directly admitted intothe PhD program.

The language of the proposals should be in English.

Proposal Preparation

Both faculty and doctoral proposals should be 15 single-spaced pages or less (on A4 size paper with 12-pitch font size and one inch margins) and should contain the following:

  1. A cover page stating the title of the project, the principle researcher’s name, position (facuty or student), department, and year in the program for students.
  2. Beginning page 2, describe the phenomenon or puzzle to be analyzed and the research question to be studied.
  3. A concise but brief literature review highlighting current knowledge on the topic.
  4. A brief conceptual analysis of the problem including any theoretical perspective to be taken or developed and possible hypotheses (ifapplicable).
  5. research design that includes one quantitative and one qualitative study to develop both inductive and deductive insights on the phenomenon. Provide information on the sampling plan, measurement, and analytical techniques. We encourage research methods that go beyond survey and secondary data analyses by considering methods such as experimentation (laboratory or field), participant or non-participant observations, simulations, scenarios, or behavioral simulations.
  6. A brief discussion of the anticipated outcomes and impact of research to theory and practice.
  7. Provide information on the collaborators:
  8. For faculty project, list the research collaborators (domestic and international) on the project.
  9. For doctoral student projects, list the dissertation chair and committee members.
  10. schedule or timeline of activities from beginning to the end of the project, not to exceed 24 months.
  11. budget itemizing all the anticipated expenses.  The upper limit of the budget is 250,000 RMB for faculty, and 24,000 RMB for doctoral students, including travel expenses for international research colloborators and conference presentations.
  12. pledge to adhere to ethical standards for scientific research and a commitment to complete the research project on time.

The proposal will be reviewed by an international review committee, which will select the best proposals and provide feedback for further development of the project.

Progress Reports and Workshops

The researchers (faculty and student) of funded projects will submit an annual progress report and will participate in the following workshops to be held at the Guanghua School of Management:

March, 2013: A proposal development workshop to present the revised propsal and to receive further feedback on the proposals before implementation.

December, 2013: A progress review workshop to report status of the project and interim results.

We will invite additional experts, as necessary, to offer comments and suggestions to improve the research.

Research Outputs

Each student project is expected to be the successful completion of the dissertation.

Each faculty project is expected to have the following outputs:

  1. At least two research papers, with the first paper(s) due in summer 2013:
  2. One for submission to a top-tier international journal
  3. One paper for submission to Management and Organization Review
  4. A paper suitable as a book chapter or teaching materials related to the research project (e.g., cases).

Publication Outlets

International or Chinese journals in the similar caliber as the Guanghua School of Management journal list, including Management and Organization Review.

Contact Us

Please contact Anne S. Tsui, Research Director, at or Eve Li Yan, Research Assistant,, for any questions related to the preparation of the proposal.