2014 Conference (June 18-22, 2014)

Guidelines for 2014 IACMR Conference Participation

The 2014 IACMR Conference is a week’s away. Here’s what you need to know before arriving at the 6th IACMR Conference at China National Convention Center.

  1. Registration:

The main entrance of the conference is C3, and the exit is C2.

Time and venue of registration:

June 18: 13:00-22:00. C3 on the first floor

June 19: 7:00-19:00. C3 on the first floor

June 20: 7:30-19:00. Escalator exit on the third floor

June 21: 8:00-18:30. Escalator exit on the third floor

June 22: 7:30-17:00. Escalator exit on the third floor

  1. Meeting Technology:

IACMR WeChat: Please add ‘IACMR2002’ to your WeChat friend circle and stay connected throughout the conference for updates from IACMR everyday!

CNCC has provided wireless Internet access throughout the convention center for all conference participants, thus the speed may not be satisfactory.

  1. Featured Events:
  • Join us in the New Member Orientation co-chaired by Jia Lin Xie and Jing Zhou, to get acquainted with the vision, mission, history, and current status of IACMR, as well as the major activities and resources provided by IACMR (June 18, 16:00-18:00, Function Room B)!
  • Meet with the mysterious winner at the Distinguished Executive Award Ceremony chaired by Prof. Weiying Zhang (June 18, 18:15-19:45, Function Room B)!
  • Join us in MOR/Wiley Welcome Reception to celebrate its 10th birthday (June 18, 19:45-21:45, Ballroom A)!
  • Six keynote panels (Sessions 2, 6A, 6B, 10, 11A and 11B) gathered famous scholars in the management field from universities in America, Asia and Europe. You simply cannot miss them!
  • School Night, the new event this year, will bring in 28 schools under one roof to recruit faculty members (June 19, 18:30 – 21:00, Function Room B and Rooms on the 3rd Floor)!
  • Meet Keynote Panel Speakers and Distinguished Scholarly Contribution Award Winners at 17:10 – 18:10 on June 21 (Room 301A, 301B, 302A, 302B, 303A, 305)!
  • Lastly have great fun at the Closing Ceremony starting at 18:20 on June 21 (Ballroom A)!
  1. Be a Professional Conference Participant!

1)    Remain silent during all announcements and speeches. Please remain silent as a courtesy to the speaker. You are advised to keep your mobile phone in the silent mode. Please leave the room if you do need to take a phone call.

2)   Wear your name badge at all times. The name badge is required throughout the conference, especially for entrance to scholarly sessions. With the badge, it is convenient for people to communicate with you.

3)       Arrive at the session ahead of time.

  1. Session chairs: please arrive 10 minutes ahead of time and coordinate with paper presenters about time allocation. Please start and finish on time and help fill out a short feedback form after the session ends.
  2. Paper presenters: please go to your session at least 10 minutes ahead of time and ask the student assistant to upload the PPT files before the session begins.
  3. Session listeners: please be reminded that arriving 5 minutes ahead of scheduled time is a professional conduct.

4)   Plan the sessions that you are to attend ahead of time. Balance your schedule with those presenters that you are interested in seeing with some core sessions geared to your research interests and professional development. Try not to ‘session hop’ as this can be disruptive and disrespectful to the presenters. If the session is really not of interest to you, please try not to disturb others when leaving (open and close the door very quietly).

5)   Socializing and networking are encouraged at the conference. It’s possible to find scholars of similar research interest and even future co-authors. Exchange business cards and introduce yourself, and make conversations with those attending the same sessions.

6)    Solicitation of survey is forbidden during the conference. The conference itself is a good place for networking. However, solicitation of survey is not allowed as a questionnaire could be an annoyance to other conference participants.

7)    No video or audio recording is allowed at any scholarly sessions of the conference. If you need to do audio recording to understand a presentation or speech better due to the language problem, please get the permission of the presenter/speaker. However, no such recording can be used for any commercial purposes.  

  1. Dress Code:

There is no particular dress code; however, general business attire is recommended. For social activities outside of the meeting, please keep in mind the weather forecast for the host city, as well as sometimes cool convention center and hotel meeting rooms.

  1. Parking

For our neighboring attendees driving to the conference locations, please click here for more information about parking available at CNCC.

  1. Publication Exhibition

There will be publication exhibitions at the conference. Please click here to find more detailed information.

  1. Getting around the Convention Center and its Neighboring Olympic Park

Please click here to find detailed information about weather, food, traffic, shopping center, etc.