2021 Conference (June 16-20,2021)

IACMR 2020 COVID-19 Outbreak and Management Special Session Abstracts of Accepted Papers

411日上午(April 11 morning9:30-11:15

(Chinese session 1: Outbreak and the Crises and Opportunities for Chinese Enterprises)

1. 新冠病毒疫情在中国的爆发和缓解对企业市场反应的影响研究 (万国光,周铖睿,贾良定)

2. 危中有机新冠疫情对中国制造企业GVC嵌入的双面影响研究 (甄珍,王凤彬)

3. 新冠肺炎疫情结束后报复性消费会如期而至吗?(邓士昌,王汪帅,晁逸凡)


412日上午(April 12 morning9:30-11:30

English session 1: Outbreak and behavior


1. Mindfulness Buffers the Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak Information on Sleep Duration (Michelle Xue Zheng, Jingxian Yao, Jayanth Narayanan)

2. Routine Disruption and Medical Errors: How Can Hospitals Help Nurses to Deal with the Attacks by COVID-19 (Wei Wu, Wu Liu, Yuhuan Xia, Wen Wu)

3. Who is worth our effort after the “hostile forces of nature”? An evolutionary explanation of family motivation in facing COVID-19 (Feifan Yang, Zhijun Chen, Rongwei Chu, Yahua Cai)

4. Unprecedented disruptions of live and work – a survey of the health, distress and life satisfaction of working adults in China one month into the COVID-19 outbreak (Stephen Zhang,Yifei Wang,Andreas Rauch,Feng Wei)

DiscussantRay Friedman, Vanderbilt University

412日下午(April 12 afternoon2:30-4:15


(Chinese session 2: Outbreak and Organizational Management)

1. 新冠疫情下家庭式作坊的危机管理基于现象学本体认识方法论框架的定性研究 (杨晶)

2. 企业抗疫:中新两国应对疫情案例比较 (宋照礼,王亚婷)

3. 主动及被动模式下在线远程办公影响效果研究述评与展望(霍伟伟, 龚靖雅,李鲜苗, 聂晶, 瞿晶晶)


413日上午(April 13 morning9:30-11:15

English session 2: Outbreak and management 


1. A Case Study of a Volunteer Team on Coordinating Medical Supply Donation in the Battle against COVID-19 in Hubei(Xiaoping Tong)

2. Crisis Management for SMEs in MACAU S.A.R.:  Survival, Resilience and Renewal Strategies during the COVID-19 Outbreak (Jose ALVES, LOK Tan Cheng, LUO YuBo, HAO Wei)

3. Trends in Transmissibility of 2019 Novel Coronavirus-infected Pneumonia in Wuhan and 29 Provinces in China (Huazhen Lin, Wei Liu, Hong Gao, Jinyu Nie, Qiao Fan)

Discussant: Xu Huang, The Hong Kong Baptist University

413日下午(April 13 afternoon2:30-4:15


(Chinese session 3: Outbreak Information, Communication, and Decision making

1基于Benford 定律的COVID-19 数据可信度分析及预测(罗玉波,郝伟,陆丹青)

2公众对新冠肺炎疫情防控信息采纳的动态过程研究 (夏莹,范雪灵,刘军)

3演化博弈视角下重大突发事件政府治理路径研究 (宋美,葛玉辉,刘举胜)


414日上午(April 14 morning9:30-11:15


(Chinese session 4: Outbreak and Public Management)

1. 政企协作治理在抗击新冠肺炎疫情中的应用研究——基于30个省市政府公告的文本分析 (张双鹏,刘凤委)

2. 政府官员与公共危机管理以新冠肺炎疫情为例(王新成,郭文静,李垣,李凯丽)

3. 利用区块链技术改进国家传染病监测预警网络构想  黄锐, 陈维政, 胡冬梅, 陈玉玲, 邱虹)