2023 Conference (June 14-18, 2023)

IACMR 2023 conference program is now available online!(PDF version available to download)

Dear colleagues,

I am thrilled to announce the conference program for IACMR 2023 is now available online and it looks absolutely exciting! I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our track chairs Guoli Chen, Zhijun Chen, Wei Chi, Ming Jia, Ning Li, Wu Liu, Hinrich Voss, Lori Qingyuan Yue and Heli Wang, for their amazing work in putting together this outstanding program. 

Thank you all for submitting your research as well as your willingness to attend and present! Please click on your name in the “Speakers” section in the left-side menu of the online program or simply search your paper title to find your session information, including time and location (subject to minor changes). If you would like to update personal information, such as your name, school information, and profile photo, please log in to your IACMR Profile webpage to make the necessary changes. 

You are also welcome to download the PDF version of the program:

Additionally, you can click here to download the Conference themed PPT Template for your presentation. 

Our IACMR team and Local Arrangement Committee, chaired by Professor Xu Huang, will continue working tirelessly to ensure that your experience in the IACMR Hong Kong Conference will be exceptional in every way.

If you have not yet registered for the conference, we encourage you to do so by clicking the following link: https://eng.iacmr.org/2023-iacmr-conference-registration/

We look forward to seeing you at the conference in June!

Wei Shen,
IACMR 2023 Program Chair