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IACMR Bimonthly Briefing – December 2019


1. End-of-Year Message from President
2. 2020 IACMR Xi′an Conference Updates
3. Ten Pioneering Schools Joined IACMR/RRBM for Responsible Research
4. Fourth PMR Teaching Training Workshop

5. Free Job Vacancy Posting with IACMR

Management and Organization Review (MOR) Updates
1. Article of the Month (November and December)
2.Call for Papers: MOR Research Frontiers Conference

•Management Community News

1. Job Opening: School of Economics and Management Xiamen University Malaysia Campus

2. Job Opening: Institute of Industrial Economics of CASS Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (Chinese Only)

• IACMR News
1.End-of-Year Message from President
Dear IACMR members, colleagues and friends,
On behalf of the Executive Committee, I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays, and hope that that 2020 is filled with peace, love, and fulfillment.
Thanks to all of you who have contributed to IACMR, including our staff in Beijing, our conference organizers, track chairs, student volunteers, and host schools, our board and committee members, our reviewers for MOR and the conferences, workshop faculty, and our journal editors and staff. It takes so many people contributing their time and energy to make IACMR be the scholarly community that it is, and wants to be.
I would like to take a moment to report a few highlights of 2019.
Research Methods Workshop. The workshop, hosted by Harbin Institute of Technology last July, was a great success, with 120 participants. Each participant received feedback on their ongoing research, and heard lectures from lecturers on topics ranging from choosing a research topic to multi-level modeling.
Teaching Workshop.  In July we also had our first stand-alone teaching workshop. It was held at the Guanghua School of Managements campus in Xi’an, with four faculty advisors providing talks about, for example, “The Science and Craft of Teaching,” and “Integrating Research and Teaching.” 40 young faculty from 29 universities attended.
Management and Organization Review.    Our flagship journal, Management and Organization Review, moved up in Impact Factor to 2.4 in 2019, based on some tremendous papers that came out in 2017 and 2018. Keep an eye out for new issues, and be sure to submit your best papers. Due to expanding submissions, MOR will soon be growing to five issues a year, which will increase its impact and visibility.
New leadership team for 2022.   Wei Shen, Arizona State Universitywas elected Vice President-Elect and Program Chair 2022, and four area representatives were elected:Lori Qingyuan Yue (University of Southern California), Hinrich Voss (University of Leeds), Zhijun Chen (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) and Wu Liu (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University). In addition, David Zhu, Arizona State University, and Jia (Jasmine) Hu were appointed co-chairpersons of the Research Committee.
Responsible Research in Management Awards.During the AOM conference in Boston in August, we recognized three Distinguished Winners, twelve Winners and eight Finalists.
Xi’an Conference in June. The upcoming conference in Xi’an is shaping up to be a great experience. We have received over 850 paper submissions, as well as over 40 symposia and PDW submissions. Get ready for a fun, engaging, and educational conference!
Wish you all Happy Holidays
Ray Friedman
President of IACMR, Brownlee of Currey Professor of Management
Vanderbilt University
On Behalf of the Executive Committee
2.2020 IACMR Xi′an Conference Updates
(1)  Confirmed conference keynote panel chairs and speakers 
a. Conference Theme keynote panel
Chair/Discussant: Shuming Zhao (Nanjing University);
Speakers: Daniel Levinthal (University of Pennsylvania), Michael A. Hitt (Texas A&M University), Shaker Zahra (University of Minnesota)
b. Strategy Research Keynote Panel
Chair/Discussant: Wei Shen (Arizona State University);
Speakers: Christopher Marquis (Cornell University), Laszlo Tihanyi (AMJ Editor, Texas A&M University), Heli Wang (Singapore Management University)
c. OB Research Keynote Panel
Chair/Discussant: Xiao-Ping Chen (University of Washington);
Speakers: Madan Pillutla (London Business School), Chris Hsee (University of Chicago), Peter A. Bamberger (Tel Aviv University)
d. Responsible Research keynote panel
Chair/Discussant: Anne Tsui (University of Notre Dame & Peking University) ;
Speakers: Greg Distelhorst (University of Toronto); Executive commentator: Jianwen Liao (JingDong.Com); Academic commentator: Henrich Greve (INSEAD), Peter Bamberger (Tel Aviv University)

e. China Forum (in Chinese)

Chair/Discussant: Yanjie Bian (University of Minnesota and Xi’an Jiaotong University);

Speakers: Peng Lv (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Man Shuai (Xi’an Jiaotong University), Tony Tong (University of Colorado)

 (2)  Summary of submissions (as compared with 2018 conference)
No. of Submissions
2020 Conference
2018 Conference
English Macro
English Micro
Chinese Macro
Chinese Micro
Symposium proposals
PDW Proposals
Total submissions

(3)  Paper review process 

The conference applies a double-blind review process for each submission. The paper review process is approaching an end with a total of 1950 counts of reviews. The decisions of acceptance or not will be made in late JanuaryThe conference registration system is now open for registration. Please visit the conference webpage for registration instructions.
3. Ten Pioneering Schools Joined IACMR/RRBM to Promote Responsible Research
Business and management schools worldwide should make contributions to societal well-being, and business and management scholarship should be central to solving society’s challenges. With such vision in mind, Professor Anne Tsui, Founding President of IACMR, together with 27 leading scholars of 5 disciplines from 10 countries, jointly founded the community of Responsible Research for Business and Management (RRBM) in 2017 and released the position paper of Vision 2030. RRBM is dedicated to inspiring, encouraging, and supporting credible and useful research in the business and management disciplines. The community has now been joined by nearly1200 endorsers, over 65 institutional partners, and seven pioneer schools.
In order to take the first and firm step to realize Vision 2030 and to pursue responsible research in China, the School of Management of Zhejiang University hosted the first summit on ‘Management Research for Service to Society’ on December 12, after planning and rounds of discussions among Professor Anne Tsui and initiators from Peking University, Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University. The deans and associate deans from the following top ten business/management schools in China reached consensus on the importance of promoting responsible research and made ‘I WILL’ statements to take the lead among business/management schools in China in transforming research toward responsible science and producing credible knowledge that is ultimately useful for addressing problems important to business and society.

  • Guanghua School of Management, Peking University
  • School of Management, Zhejiang University
  • School of Management, Fudan University
  • School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University
  • Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • School of Management, Harbin Institute of Technology
  • School of Business, Nanjing University
  • School of Management, Xi’an Jiaotong University
  • School of Management, University of Science and Technology of China
  • Business School, Renmin University of China

Representatives from the Ministry of Education, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), China Academy of Management and Management World also spoke at the summit to support this initiative and witnessed ‘I WILL’ statements from the deans.
A Framework of Action was also released after the summit. The deans agreed to take action to push responsible research to solve the practical problems of social development by taking root in China. They agreed to observe the following Principles of Responsible Science: Service to Society, Impact on Stakeholders and Sound Methodology and committed themselves to taking concrete actions in the areas of talent training, scientific research, faculty development and management system, aiming for “management research for service to society”.

4. Fourth PMR Teaching Training Workshop
The forth PMR Teaching Training Workshop, co-sponsored by IACMR and the Hong Kong Baptist University, was held successfully at Hong Kong from December 5th to 9th, 2019. Ten workshop faculty advisors supported the training as facilitators: Anne S. Tsui, University of Notre Dame & Peking University; Jian Liang, Tongji University; Wei He, Nanjing University; Xu Huang, Hong Kong Baptist University; Liangding Jia, Nanjing University; Wu Liu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Fuli Li, Xi’an Jiaotong University; Haijiang Wang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology; Song Chang, Hong Kong Baptist University; Yingying Zhang Zhang, International University of Japan. Sixteen young faculty members from business schools from the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong SAR and Britain attended the workshop. This workshop involves a 4.5-day intensive study of the philosophy of science issues in social science research, how progress occurs in science, the role of values in scientific activities, and the challenges in management research, concluding with a discussion of the idea of responsible science in business and management. Participants also discussed how to teach this course to doctoral students so that the future scholars will live up to the responsibility of pursuing ‘responsible science’– research that generate credible and useful knowledge to improve management and business practices for a better world.
3. IACMR posts job ad for free.
In order to better serve as a platform of faculty recruitment for business schools, it has been decided that IACMR provides free posting of job vacancies. Any schools with recruitment plans are welcomed to utilize the IACMR website and WeChat postings for disseminating recruitment information. Such requests can be sent to
•Management and Organization Review (MOR) Updates
1. Article of the Month (November and December)
In Memory of James G. March
Liisa Välikangas
Jim March and the Community of Research on Chinese Organizations
Xueguang Zhou
Living in the Present of the Future: In Memory of James G. March (1928–2018)
Youmin Xi, Peng Liu and Xiaojun Zhang
Walking with a Giant: In Memory of My Enshi James G. March

Bilian Ni Sullivan

Parochialism and Implications for Chinese Firms’ Globalization
Jing Betty Feng, Leigh Anne Liu and Chunyan Jiang

2. Call for Papers: MOR Research Frontiers Conference

Chinese OFDI into Africa is taking place in an era during which global economic activity is transforming. Deglobalization dynamics, and the fourth industrial revolution arising from digitalization, artificial intelligence, platformization, 3D printing, etc. are predicted to transform global trade, give rise to more regional trade compacts, and redefine global value chains. This highlights the huge opportunities for developing – and perhaps technologically less advanced – markets.
The MOR research Frontiers Conference on China OFDI to Africa is therefore seeking papers that provide insight into why and how Chinese FDI into Africa is playing out. Especially welcome are scholars whose research can contribute to elucidate how Africans understand Chinese FDI on their continent, as well as exploration of the Chinese perspective.

Local Host: Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria;Co-Sponsor: University of San Francisco China Business Studies Initiative Dates: July 21- 23, 2020,please click here for more information.

•Management Community News

1.  Job Opening: School of Economics and Management Xiamen University Malaysia Campus,click herefor more details;

2.  Job Opening: Institute of Industrial Economics of CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) (in Chinese), click here for more details;

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